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dreams of snakes

Last night I dreamt something about leafs. I was trying to find the perfect fall leaf… not dirty, not veiny, not all chewed on by whatever. I kept finding leaves that were all eviscerated… you know that natural lacy thing that happens to leaves. I found one, an oak leaf, all perfect and amber. Then set about finding other species of leaves. Not sure why.

Two nights ago, I dreamt that the lawn had gotten thick and tall… up to my chest. It was thick like you had to sort of swim to walk through it…. swimming is the perfect analogy. Because it was so long, various animals had taken up resident in it, including two very vicious snakes. They were really just big garter snakes, but they can bite too. When we lived on Lawe street, there was a little snake out in our yard, a little foot of twisty rope with a little whisper tongue. It hissed at me when I tried to pick it up and I stopped dead in my tracks. This was the first time I ever realized that if you were convincing enough, you could intimidate even someone 100 times your size.

Monday night, I saw the northern lights as I came home from school. Every time I’ve seen the northern lights, it has boded well. Hopefully it bodes well for me now!

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