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Weird dreams and cat water fountains

My spring exuberance has dampened, but not entirely gone away. I now only think about other things I want to do, but don’t have the energy to do them.

I think I want one of those visor things that have “sunlight” shining down into your eyes. I saw it once on an episode of Northern Exposure. God, I miss that show. Chris-In-The-Morning was/is the sexiest fictional character alive.

Currently, a smog of semi-frozen humidity is covering the city. This is simply the forewarning to the first real warm day of the season, which is always significant because the slug and pollution which has been deposited and frozen on the ground then becomes airborne and suddenly, everything smells like cow shit and farts. I suppose that it is possible that those farts let surreptitiously under warm down comforters on cold December nights are now free-floating around the town also. What should be a nice wonderful spring day guarantees a lungful of stale concentrated pollution. I’ll take my pollution fresh and non-concentrated, thank you!

Dream last night that my cat Tilly somehow ate an alligator. So then she was walking around like an alligator, with her legs out the side of her body rather than normal. Then she started to walk down the street, I suppose in search of the swamplands or whatever it is that alligators search for. I started to follow her, but went back to get my car. Then I found that all of Esteban’s friends were over at our house and they had parked me in (probably a reference to the other day, when I tried to leave, but Joel had parked me in). Then I started to get upset because I didn’t see where Tilly went and Chicken Boobs was there and started talking about the bad things that could happen to her, in Chicken Boobs’ off-hand, blunt way. I told C.B. that it was a cold thing to say to me, especially when I was upset, and then C.B. called me a Bitch and I said “How dare you call me a Bitch! Get out of my house!” and she started to throw my dishes around, at me, etc. And I said “I know that these aren’t the Elvis Collector plates that you are used to at home, but I would like to keep my plates, thank you!”, which I think was a pretty good rip for a dream.

Then somehow, I was sleeping in the warehouse of Fort James. There were mountains of packages of toilet paper. It was some sort of festival and someone gave me a balloon for part of an act later, I had to keep it because it was integral to the rest of the show. So I’m walking with it and it floated too close to the lights and it popped. It was a pink balloon. I tried to look for other balloons, but there weren’t really any pink ones in that shape, so I ended up with a dark green one instead, and of course it really didn’t make much sense. Then at some point, there was a SWAT team. I know. Weird.

Plus, my favorite guy got voted off the island last night. Jeff! Wherever you are, you’re my favorite all time!

We purchased a cat water fountain for the cats. It was sort of expensive, but it’s so gadgety that I love it. Just a never ending stream of water into the cat’s water bowl. I don’t know if the cats like it, but maybe Chelsea will stop begging for drinks of water out of the sink in the bathroom. Here’s hoping!

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