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Monthly Archives: July 2001

Do they make caffeinated air???

Ok, this begins Day One of the Decaffeinated Weetabix. My blood has the viscosity of slightly overcooked oatmeal. My head is filled with lovely bunches of cotton It is 10:30 a.m. I’ve decided that I’m going to, for the most part, pretend that I’m a vegetarian. When I was a vegetarian, I ate rather healthy […]

How about if I just cut back on onions, olives and liver instead?

I’m thinking about not drinking Diet Coke anymore. It can’t be terribly good for you. Also, I learned that soda manufacturers wrongly list that diet soda with Nutrasweet contains zero calories. C’mon people. Remember back when Paula Abdul used to sing ‘Just 1 calorie! Diet Coke!’. Look at a Diet Coke label today and you’ll […]

Prithee, fine squire, shut the hell up?

Yesterday, I brought my mom and my little brother Jonathon to the Renaissance Fair. It was sort of spur of the moment’ a very cool day (64-70 degrees) and a day when we didn’t already have some major thing planned. The stars were in alignment, so to speak. I should preface this here by saying […]

Sort of like “A Star is Born”, but with Dirk Diggler

It’s a lovely Friday. Esteban is coming home from Banff tomorrow night. I’m wearing shorts to work. I took some allergy medicine last night so I slept wonderful restful druggie sleep smack in the middle of the bed. My hair is behaving. It’s a wonderful day. Last night, when I put my dinner leftovers (mozzarella […]

Now with 45% more RIBOFLAVIN!!!

Last night, our volleyball team got shanked again’this time by a team with only four players. I’m a little discombobulated now. I mean, we used to be in second place, losing out only to a team of cyborg barflies for whom chronic drinking has the same affect as training at high altitudes. And I was […]

Convenient Feminism: the religion of the Gen X woman

My life is completely hypocritical. I pride myself on being a feminist. I can point out politically incorrect ad campaigns and dissect insulting behavior in a heartbeat. Yet in my every day actions, I am a helpless wittle flower, wilting at the sign of adversity or gender-opposite tasks. This morning, I told you about how […]

Singing about Girl on Girl action!

This summer I decided that I was going to do something that I’ve wanted to do all of my life: get professional vocal training. I’ve sung a lot in bars and stuff, but I really want to get involved in musical theatre and just be more satisfied with my voice in general. I decided to […]

So… you’re saying that watching a lot of Star Trek is bad?

Now a bit of disturbing news from the family that puts the ‘fun’ in ‘dysfunctional’: My Mafia Grandma’s Betty is in the hospital. Perhaps I should explain. My Mafia Grandma couldn’t stand working for the MAN anymore, so she became her own boss. She had a lot of experience working in group homes, so she […]

Plus 2 hit points if you can lay some killer farts

Last night, Esteban and I drove to Appleton for Mongolian food and book buying at Barnes & Noble. Esteban needed healthy amounts of reading material, as he is flying out to Canada tomorrow morning. He’s got a conference in Banff, where the elk are plentiful. Apparently, wildlife is conducive to computer talk. Then on the […]

Only the Young can say they’ve never rocked to Journey

There were only 4 mullets sighted at the Journey concert. I was very disappointed. However, one mullet apparently did not have a good seat and felt fit to wander the aisle in front of us throughout the entire concert, playing air guitar as though his performance was somehow dependant upon the success of the concert. […]

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