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Monthly Archives: August 2001

Is that Operant Conditioning or Urinate Conditioning?

Yesterday, I went to Sam’s Wholesale Club to purchase large amounts of various food stuffs at low low prices. And one of my Pavlovian responses to entering the doors at Sam’s is that I must then urinate. I don’t know why. There’s just something about showing my card to a bored employee wearing a smock […]

Any Wet Dream Will Do

Last week, I went and did the sing thing to get my mind off of family issues. My ensemble’ was a $7 t-shirt, black pants and what I thought were my black comfy loafers. They were actually my navy blue comfy loafers. So there I was in a lime green t-shirt, black pants and navy […]

Look here you, get the hell off my lawn, damn kid!

Today is the first day of school for kids in our area. You might be thinking: Weetabix, why are you concerned with this? After all, you only have two kitties, one of whom is a bipolar bulimic psychopath and the other is the cat equivalent of a grumpy 147-year-old. Why would the first day of […]

Meka Leka Hiy Mekka Chani Ho

I have this strange urge to update…. I have no idea. It’s almost as though my fingers are moving of their own power. Must be Her doing. Go visit the Message Board Oh, and if you get a chance, there’s a new Diarylander who just made her very first two entries today. You can visit […]

Bored bored bored bored boredy bored

Carissa and I went to lunch together. I’m trying to convince her to use one of her seven and a half remaining vacation days to go golfing with me on Friday morning. There is nothing like driving around on a golf cart, looking cute and drinking wine coolers. Yes’. Drinking and driving. A fine Wisconsin […]

One ringy dingy….. two ringy dingy!

Damn, I am so excited. Dead Dog Dorris is making me this bitchin’ diary layout. It’s so damned cool. I can’t wait to unveil it. Yep. That’s right. It’s so damned cool, I could only resurrect an 80’s word like “bitchin” to do it justice. Never fear, however: Chubby Tink will be gracing the new […]

El gemelo malvado de Donny Osmond me dio el ojo rosado.

Man, I think I am the poster child for Pink Eye. I just cured it in my left eye and now I’ve got it in my right eye. My eye is just weeping all of the time. I think a lot of people at work don’t know what to make of it. They must think […]

Make me laugh and buy me some candy and I’m your bitch for life, ‘k?

I had a lovely day yesterday, which took away some of the lingering agony of the last week. I went to ArtStreet with my sister Mo and niece Abby (who graces my banner ad below). It was lovely. I purchased a handmade paper stationery set, with which I intend to use to send Natalie a […]

The Marshmallow Incident

An update on Auntie Brumhilda: Apparently there has been a debacle. It’s being heralded as The Marshmallow Incident. Sources say that Auntie Brumhilda and her family went back to Grandma’s house after the funeral. There, in full espionage mode, my other Aunt attempted to slip Brumhilda’s daughters some marshmallows. The girls went outside to eat […]

Forced interaction with the Family Minus

The funeral was strange. It was pretty much just our tiny little dysfunctional family. Not one person who had an actual genetic connection to Betty. I suppose that it might be sad, but then, I’m glad that she belonged to us and not her actual family, since we were obviously the only people who cared […]

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