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Monthly Archives: August 2001

Post Planning

So yesterday I’m sitting in the funeral home with my grandmother, aunt, and my sister, Mo. The funeral director guy’s name was Dale. We didn’t call him “Mr. Lyndahl”, we were to call him Dale. It was this whole weird happy shiny funeral business. Very strange. He hugged Mafia Grandma after we finished the arrangements. […]

In memory

Elizabeth Theresa Barto died this morning at 3:13 a.m. She was 86 years old. Rest in Peace, sweetheart. My life has been so much better having known you.

Life is Beautiful

Another depressing entry, but it ends on an up note, I promise’.. It strikes me as so strange, sometimes, the extent of human fallibility and carelessness. And then I am stunned by the compassion of strangers that my faith in the world is renewed. Last week, I received a phone call from my good friend […]

The things you do when you’re doped up on allergy meds

How stupid am I? I just remembered that I purchased a tasty cold bubbly Diet Coke from McDonald’s this afternoon, and then ran into the house with my arms full of stuff, forgetting the very full large Diet Coke in my cup holder in the car. That was seven hours ago. I really want to […]

August is the snuffiest of months

Sometimes I really hate August. Maybe even more than March. August sucks for so many reasons. There’s that whole “summer’s ending” thing, which rots, since it only just begun and I haven’t done any of the things I planned on doing this summer, such as moving all my stuff into Computer Room #2 or planting […]

Nothing wakes you up faster than a little oxygen deprivation

Last night, we had wonderful sleep. I hate using the central air just for the sake of having air-conditioning, but Esteban prefers it cold. However, last night, it was nice pre-autumn weather and we slept with all of the bedroom windows open. I love open window sleeping. Esteban does too, he just doesn’t know it. […]

Do-It-Yourself Dysfunction

We have no water. Currently, the bathroom renovation project has taken a strange tilt. Esteban has declared that all the plumbing in the entire house should be removed and replaced with plastic. It is the plumbing equivalent of an arterioscopy or something like that’. Whatever the doctors do when a patient’s veins are all full […]

If many people agree with you about something, it doesn’t mean that you’re right

65 Diaryland users have “Shakespeare” spelled incorrectly on their profiles as one of their favorite authors. I cannot even begin to point out the number of things I find appalling about that. sigh But then, I misspelled “Coraghessan” in a recent entry, so I really shouldn’t talk. After all, it is spelled correctly in my […]

My karma needs a tune up

Bah. That’s how I feel today. Bah. I almost had karmic clothing justice for my Chocolate boob incident. This morning, I wore a white $7 t-shirt and came into work and found that someone had brought Mr. Donut doughnuts. Which Mr. Donut treat is my all time favorite doughnut? That would be the Vanilla Angel, […]

Um, I’ll have a pack of chocolate-covered boobies, please?

I did very possibly the grossest thing to myself yesterday. It was so stupid that I could see it possibly being used as evidence in some landmark case whereby the District Attorney questions whether or not Weetabix is too stupid to live. It was a food day here at work yesterday. There seems to be […]

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