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First the keys, then the shoes, and now Diaryland!

Guess what???

I FOUND MY KEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. They weren’t in my purse. They had fallen into a couch cushion when Esteban placed them on top of my purse and then my gordo cat Tilly must have knocked the purse backwards, dumping the keys into the crevasses of the couch. Then I must have grabbed the purse when Esteban drove us on the aborted trip to the emergency room.

I also found my black comfy loafers. The ridiculous thing is that I thought I could only find my blue comfy loafers, but it turns out that they were actually the BLACK loafers.

You know, actually, that still supports the theory that they are actually the same pair of shoes but are changing colors to drive me insane.

Or maybe I’m just having Ny-Quil flashbacks.

The bronchitis is almost gone. I went to my doctor on Tuesday morning and she gave me this incredible super duper mega-dose of steroids and some Zythromax, which is a de-phlegming agent. She wouldn’t give me any codeine, though.

I think she’s on to me about the codeine.

Last night, I ran out of Ny-Quil (yes, I went through an entire bottle of cherry flavored Ny-Quil in two nights. How college is that? God, it’s like I was reliving my senior year in high school all over again.) so I slept without assistance of any gooey druggy syrup whatsoever. It’s amazing how much more restful you sleep when you don’t spend the entire night in a limp, immobile drooling state. Hopefully the pillow creases in my face won’t be permanent.

My god, Diaryland was down for like four hours and it was driving me crazy. The worst part is that it actually went down while I was on it this morning. I have this crazy little OCD ritual in the morning.

I check my email, receiving notification that I had four entries in my guestbook and one entry on the message board. Then I check my statistics and chuckled to myself because my site got hit on ‘silicon breasts’ and ‘hairy legged’ off Google. Then I read my buddies’ saving my guestbook entries and message board entry for last, much like a long-awaited dessert.

I finished reading all my favorites and hit the ‘back’ button to get back to my OWN page and then it all crashed hard.

Throughout the day, every fifteen minutes or so, I’d be checking to see if Diaryland or Signmyguestbook were back up. Pitas taunted me, as that was still up.

I noticed that and were also down most of the day. There must be some Nazi Hacker group out there, zeroing in on all of my daily internet visits.

You’ll get my Diaryland when you pry it from my cold dead fingers, Commie Bastards!

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