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Things I am looking forward to

Things to look forward to:

Harry Potter movie…. opens November 16!

Buffy on FXTV begins September 24 at 7:00 PM!!!! Oodles of snarky goodness with a chewy nougat center of sarcasm. Your daily recommended dosage of witty verbage. Now with more Anthony Stewart Head!!

Likewise, new Buffy starts very very soon. Not sure when. I had heard first week in October but now everythings pushed back, so I’m as lost as the proverbial slayer without a watcher….. Ooooh, that would make me Faith, wouldn’t it? Damn. I only wish I looked half as cute as Eliza Dushku in a patent leather catsuit. Or even Eliza Dushku in a Rancho Carne cheerleading outfit.

Scratch that. I’m totally that cute.


The way my breath feels when I walk outside the morning of the first frost

Eating too much candy corn

The smell of the house when I make apple butter

Being able to sleep next to my nuclear core husband who is too freaking hot for me to be near during the summer and a safety perimeter of one foot must be maintained in our bed at all times (duh, well, not at ALL times… um…)

The lawn not growing at its frantic, genetically-altered pace it’s kept up all summer since we started hiring a landscaping company to do their herbology magic

The smell of our neighbor’s woodburning stove

Tilly will stop shedding

Bringing out all of my alpine fleece clothing and lovely turtlenecks

Wearing socks every day (ok, actually, maybe I don’t look forward to that)

Not feeling as though I have to do outside projects

Making hearty meals, breads and such, which I’ve refrained from for fear of heating up the house

Christmas carols

Watching “White Christmas” and having Esteban make me a “Tom and Jerry” with lots and lots of rum and nutmeg

Some vacation this winter where it is warm (but hasn’t been determined at this point)

Today I was supposed to finish up that girl’s senior pictures but she piked on me. No phone call, nothing. I tried calling her cell phone, but it has been disconnected. Well then. Carry on.

I felt the need to embark on a project of some sort, something with my hands. I chose cross-stitching because my plan was to cross-stitch something for a friend who is expecting a baby. That’s always my plan. I’m very altruistic that way. I’ve started and not finished two different “gift” cross-stitch projects (although one project was abandoned when the cat threw up on it… you just can’t recover from that, you know), and I’d actually like to make something for myself one of these days. I went to two different stores and didn’t find exactly what I wanted for my friend. I found some cute kits, but they were all that pre-stamped crap that you stitch about 1/8 of and then frame it up. I think that’s cheating. If I’m going to be in awe of something that someone stitched, it’s going to be all stitchery… something from nothing. NOT something that someone stamped a picture onto and then the person came along and slapped a few threads into. That’s just pointless.

So I found something that I actually liked. It’s just a picture of two cats curled up against each other. It’s actually a little against my better judgement. It has a high cute factor. I’m pretty against the whole “cute” thing. I hate it, in fact. But these cats actually look a LOT like Tilly and Chelsea and the real Tilly and Chelsea would never actually lay that closely together so I would like to have a picture of two cats made of thread who are lying that closely together. The thing I dislike about it is that they are in the shape of a heart. It’s a little too precious, but then the kit is brought back around by a very tasteful flower border. As I said, very against my usual tastes, but that’s why I’m the enigma that I strive to be. Just when you think I’ve got class, I pull out the big old macrame planters and horizontal striped capri stretch pants.

So that’s what I did tonight. And I watched “Flipper”.

Before you raise your eyebrows, it was better than watching more and more WTC coverage or the Emeril channel. God I hate Emeril. I think he’s invading every media possible.

If he starts a recording career, I’m moving out of the country.

I suppose it could happen. I hear Tommy Mattola is on the market.

Anyway, I watched “Flipper” because it was filmed in Key West, which is where we spent our Winter 2001 vacation. So I had a reason. Plus, I was cross-stitching and didn’t want to get distracted, as I would have with “Dangerous Liasons” on the other channel. Plus, “Flipper” was not that bad. Very cute. No swearing. Lots of underwater scenery.

Would my twenty-year-old self recognize me as I am today? I’m not certain.

The underwater shots reminded me of my snorkeling adventure in Key West. Someday I will write about it. I think I’ve alluded to it in previous entries, but never specifics.

On the plus note today, I stepped into a plate of congealed gravy.

This is a plus note because after one steps into a plate of congealed gravy, things can only get better from that point.

Chelsea was a bit disturbed that I picked up her treat and threw it out, however. She retreated to a corner and licked the bottom of my gravy-covered sock.

That was my night. I’m actually trapped at home tonight, as Esteban has left yet I am somehow parked in by his truck. And he refused to fetch me ice cream. I must remind him that fetching ice cream for me is actually detailed in our wedding vows. Well. I’ll let it slip. This time.

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