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And now it’s time for the bonus round

My entry today left me feeling unfulfilled, thus a bonus round of tonight.

I didn’t mean to give the impression this morning that women desire a man who knows how to do magical things with his tongue. Honestly, while a Gene Simmonsesque ability to lick ones own eyebrows is admirable, if not a little worthy of a “Sex in the City” type luncheon with friends, it’s not that trait that women find desirable. It’s the WILLINGNESS to do acrobatics that is key there.

Oh my. I’m blushing now. Perhaps we should have left well enough alone. My rosacea is all aflare.

Who decided that playing guitar was a cool thing and playing, say, glockenspiel was uncool?

For the record, I think glockenspielists are DAMNED cool.

Play that funky glockenspiel, white boy. That’s all I’m saying. Play that funky glockenspiel righhhhhhht!!!!!!!!

Play that funky glockenspiel ’til you die.

Still wondering about the foods you miss from childhood on the message boards. Check it out.

I thought of another one: There was this candy bar, made of chocolate and it was full of little air pockets in the chocolate– kind of like a thick Nestle Crunch bar, but not quite. When I was in England, Cadbury had something similiar, but not quite like it, but I forget the name of that candy bar too.

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