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Buy stock in Advil, because it’s going up, baby!

This weekend is the weekend of hobbies for me. Last night, I went to a “cropfest” and added a whopping eight pages to my scrapbooks. If you do not scrapbook, this may seem like a paltry result of six hours of labor, but I kid you not, that is infuckingcredible. Plus they look very nice, so I am happy. You can tell it’s fall if I have any patience at all for scrapbooking.

I’m a little surprised that I enjoy scrapbooking as much as I do. I’m not crazy about the concept of it, but I find it incredibly relaxing. When I was a kid, I wanted to become a grade school teacher, not because I loved kids or chalk dust or that orange sand stuff that they sprinkle on puke, but rather because I wanted unlimited access to all that great paper. Construction paper, manilla paper, crepe paper, newsprint, big rolls of white butcher paper.

So I owned up to the fact that I just like cutting and pasting. I can cut straight lines. You try that some time, it’s not as easy as one would think. Sometimes, to make it seem a little more dangerous and adult, I run with scissors in my hand.

Yeah. I’m a rebel.

Last January, I spent $100 on a suitcase thingy on wheels to hold all my scrapbook junk. Again, perhaps this is like golf and I am attracted to it simply because it has so many accessories. To wit: last trip to the scrapbook store, I came home with a cover for my scrapbook. No, not a pretty cover to make it look nice…. a big purple cover to protect the outside of the scrapbook while I was working on it. That’s totally unneccesary, but I wanted it, so I bought it. It made me happy.

It’s crazy, this lust for accessories.

Today, Esteban is helping friends move large items of furniture into their new house they are building. Apparently, they are not moving everything. They are moving everything in the first floor to the new house and then they are moving everything on the second floor of the old house to the now vacant first floor of that same old house. This is a preliminary step of phase two. Phase two is next weekend, when they move the second floor stuff (which is now on the first floor) into the new house. Unbelievably, then there’s a phase three. Another friend bought their old house, so then we must move everything from that friend’s house into the now empty house.

Markus almost rented the second friend’s duplex, so there would have been a phase four of moving Markus’ stuff into their house, but he didn’t.

I have been relieved of hoisting duties. I have nasty cramps and it’s only the heavy stuff at this point, thus Esteban told me to just stay home. I’m taking the wimpy girl “get out of work free” card. That’s my double-standard feminism in action!

Tomorrow, I have a golf date with Penny. I am very excited although the cramps will make it impossible for me to wear my cute white golf outfit. I did very well when I went golfing with my aunt a couple of weeks ago, despite fleeing from rampaging ducks, and I’m hoping that my golf karma is still holding out. We’re trying a new golf course, one that is a manly course, so we’ll see how it goes. I do so love being one of the only women on the course.

Well, I’ve got big plans today. Off to curl into a fetal position around my heating pad! I plan on eating a bunch of pretzels dipped in chocolate frosting around noon, and run out to get an industrial sized bottle of Advil at 4 pm. Hope you have a splendid weekend!

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