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To Whom It May Concern

Yesterday, it was 46 degrees, gusts up to twenty miles and hour and raining. I think it was sleeting for a while too.

Needless to say, I didn’t go golfing, which pissed me off. I think golf season is done. There is a freeze advisory tonight, lows into the upper 20s. We’ll probably have snow by next week.

Since I couldn’t golf or work outside, I went shopping in Appleton. Spent way too much money, but ended up with some really cute undies, a slick houndstooth coat, a Mallrats DVD, the Buffy/Angel tape collection, a replacement ‘Phantom of the Opera’ CD set, face stuff from The Body Shop, and several summer items which were on clearance.

It’s not how much you spend; it’s how much you SAVE!

Today, I’m wearing one of the clearanced summer shirts and I’m freezing my ass off. It’s a good thing I’m wearing a new 1940’s style Titanium bra, otherwise I’d be totally nipped out. Nothing I hate more than being niply.

‘Buffy’ begins tonight on FX! 7:00 PM Eastern time, 6:00 PM Central time. You people in Mountain and Pacific are on your own, look at your tv guides for the correct times. I think that they’re starting at the beginning and going in order, so they should be showing ‘Welcome to the Hellmouth Part 1’ tonight and ‘Part 2’ tomorrow. That’s an excellent primer for novice Buffy watchers.

If you’ve never ‘gotten into’ Buffy, you should watch tonight. There will be a quiz.

Here’s a study guide:

What is the name of the most popular girl at Buffy’s new school?

Why did Buffy get kicked out of her last school?

Xander found something of Buffy’s’ what was it?

Willow was accused of purchasing her clothing at which retail chain?

All of you longtime Buffy aficionados can gloat that you already know the answers to these.

Dear Mariah Carey,

Get over yourself and go back to the trailer court from whence you came.


Yours truly,


Dear managers at Timberlodge Steakhouse on Oneida Street,

While I’m certain that our founding fathers would be pleased to see ‘United We Stand’ on your sign, they undoubtedly never intended those words to be displayed above ‘Steak and King Crab $17.99’.

Sometimes it’s better just to say nothing.

Oh, and your dining room chairs, while rustic, are really uncomfortable.

Yours truly,


Dear Wisconsin climate,


Damn it!


Dear RoadiePig,


Love ya!


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