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More scary dreams

Men rock.

I love men.

That is all.

Did you know that the sales of atlases have risen along with the sales of American flags?

It’s almost as though our country has gone through a kind of revision back to the 1950’s. This is a form of cold war that we are fighting right now. Everyone’s terrified of a bomb of sorts being dropped.

My grandmother (M.G.) has a newspaper clipping of my mother in first grade, walking along with her schoolmates to the Air Raid shelter or whatever it was called. The caption of the picture details how the children would be sitting under tables and desks, kneeling on the cement with their hands over their necks.

I keep expecting Burma Shave signs to pop up on the highways and women to attire themselves in waist cinchers, pearls and high heels while they do the grocery shopping. I’m certain that the 50’s weren’t really like Pleasantville, but in my mind, they are but with the addition of Joseph McCarthy (who is generally hated everywhere but his native Wisconsin’ his former home is less than fifty miles from my house) and scary Russians. I’m envisioning freshly starched children with bleached blond crew cuts (even the girls), pouring over their stiff new atlases, studying the nooks and crannies of Afghanistan.

Another nightmare last night: this one Esteban and I were on the 102 floor of Tower 2 before the first plane hit, but I knew that the planes were coming. I was trying to pull Esteban toward the stairs, explaining that we had to get out, get out now, before the second plane came and blocked our exit. We made it down to whichever floor it was (in my dream it was the 58th, but I think it actually hit higher than that) and we could hear the sound of the jet coming. We turned and looked and watched it come at us through the windows. I tried to pull Esteban to continue down the stairs, but he was frozen, staring at the jet. It was terrifying. I couldn’t fall back asleep. How horrible it is that this group of people has made us afraid of our own world, our own creations. I doubt skyscrapers will continue to be built. I’m fairly certain that the existing ones will be noticing a lot of people who choose to not renew their leases in the coming years.

I have written and rewritten a diverting follow-up to that, but apparently I have nothing of worth left to say, so I’ll just leave it at that. Have a super weekend!

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