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Daily Archives: October 4th, 2001

Tell me punk… do you feel…. LUCKY?????

Jonathon’s 12th birthday is tomorrow and I have been rather devious. I offered to take him to play laser tag with a friend and our cousins, Skinny and Malnourished. He immediately got very excited, especially because the Laser Tag place is in Appleton. He knows that any Weetabix extravaganza will include food, thus he gets […]

Tell me punk… do you feel…. LUCKY?????

Ok, new layout back up! If you are noticing any scrolling issues (except for having to scroll down, duh), please report them to the message board under a subject called “New Layout”. Thanks!!! And Dead Dog is an awesome page designer, isn’t she? If you’re jealous, go see her and maybe if you are nice, […]

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