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Daily Archives: October 15th, 2001

Actually, I think I’d rather be Sabrina or Josie than Betty or Veronica

Wow, a weird double-entry day again. I must be feeling guilty for the lack of updates this weekend. That’s me. You’d think my drunken mama had been a drunken Jewish mama for all the guilt I carry around with me. Which is why I could never be one of those vampy chicks. I was discussing […]

The one where I run out of things to write about

Oy, now that this diary is 200 plus entries, I’m getting lazy. No updates this weekend, but that means one hella entry today! Not necessarily a good entry, just a long one. This weekend was extremely weird. Again, I don’t remember what we did on Friday night. Again, I think we watched television. Saturday was […]

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