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Daily Archives: October 22nd, 2001

Osama Bin Laden was the old man running the amusement park

It really bothers me that I cannot find actual Doc Marten sanctioned Doc Marten shoelaces for my winter shoes. Two years ago, one of the laces broke and I limped through winter tying this tiny little lace. Last winter, the second one gave up the ghost but again, I put it off, since I didn’t […]

Rollback fallout

There seems to be a direct inverse ratio between the perceived ‘low prices’ offered at a given store and the potential for bodily harm in said stores parking lot. For example: Marshall Fields’not scary. Sam’s Wholes@le Club’scary. Barnes & Noble’not scary. W@lm@rt’enter at your own risk. I went to Mallwart yesterday in search of a […]

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