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Daily Archives: October 24th, 2001

Twas the night before Christmas and all through their house, no one could move a muscle so Auntie didn’t feel like a louse

Oh my lord, I am suddenly so cranky I can barely stand myself. Why, oh why did I have to attempt to shop for Christmas today? It just reminds me of one of the things that drives me utterly insane: Christmas with Esteban’s relatives on Christmas Eve. No, not spending time with them, as they […]

Mo and Steve from Blue’s Clues, sitting in a tree

I went shopping during lunch, trying to stave off the ‘Oh my god It’s December 18th and I haven’t done a single stitch of Christmas Shopping’ thing. I haven’t really gotten into the Christmas shopping mood yet. I walked into the store and immediately saw about fourteen things I wanted for myself. I found a […]

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