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Daily Archives: October 29th, 2001

Thank God I can’t get pregnant from that orifice… that would be a hell of a birth!

So, I’m thinking of pitching this movie to Hollywood producers. Here’s the gimmick: a girl who only goes out with men who drive foreign sports cars gets flummoxed somehow by Rue McClanahan’s breasts so that when she looks at men with pieces of shit cars, she’ll think they’re Porches and Jaguars and the like. She […]

I made a list today instead of an entry

Approppo of nothing, here is a list of things I don’t think I’ve written about here, but maybe I have. Anywho, here it is. 1.&AAk-I played flute in our high school marching band. 2.&AAk-I lettered in forensics, newspaper, band, Academic Decathlon, and drama. 3.&AAk-My IQ score is supposedly quite high. 4.&AAk-I suck at math. 5.&AAk-My […]

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