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I made a list today instead of an entry

Approppo of nothing, here is a list of things I don’t think I’ve written about here, but maybe I have. Anywho, here it is.

1.&AAk-I played flute in our high school marching band.

2.&AAk-I lettered in forensics, newspaper, band, Academic Decathlon, and drama.

3.&AAk-My IQ score is supposedly quite high.

4.&AAk-I suck at math.

5.&AAk-My ACT score was barely high enough to get into college.

6. I failed the first semester of High School Geometry and had to go to night school, where I was able to work at my own pace and completed the entire year’s worth in nine weeks.

7.&AAk-I graduated in the bottom 50% of my high school class.

8.&AAk-In college, I graduated Cum Laude with an honor’s distinction in English. I had a double major: the other was psychology.

9.&AAk-My past nicknames through the internet/Computer Bulletin Board Systems were Zeke, Lola Granola, and Woohoo.

10.&AAk-I first used the Internet in 1992. Life has never been the same.

11.&AAk-I smoked cigarettes for about three weeks when I was seventeen.

12.&AAk-I’ve seen the Steve Miller Band in concert seven times, once from the first row.

13.&AAk-I’ve seen the Monkees in concert twice, once from the second row.

14.&AAk-Other than a brief flirtation with marijuana when I was a senior in high school, I’ve never taken drugs.

15. I’ve met only a handful of famous non-Football related famous people: Joel Klug (from Survivor 1), Jane Pratt, James Marsters, Abby Hoffman, Lorrie Moore, and the guy who played Grandpa Munster.

16.&AAk-Some of my ancestors were on the Mayflower. Some were killed by Indians.

17.&AAk-I think that the most beautiful piece of music in the entire world is Requiem Mass by Wolfgang Mozart.

18.&AAk-I really dislike country music, except for ‘Friends in Low Places’ by Garth Brooks.

19.&AAk- When I was twelve, I wanted to become an archaeologist.

20.&AAk- When I was fifteen, I wanted to become an English professor.

21.&AAk- I was born in the year of the Boar on the Chinese calendar.

22.&AAk- I believe in ghosts.

23.&AAk- I believe in reincarnation.

24. When I was eight, I had a very real dream about being in a very scary place called a ‘concentration camp’, but it was referred to by another name (in Dutch, I believe). I can still remember the rows of bunkhouses which looked like chicken coops and thinking that to the people who were guarding us, we were no more than livestock, to be cooked in an oven when they had no use for us. I described this dream to my third grade teacher and she only gave me a strange look. I never knew that all this had ever really happened to people.

25.&AAk-I tend to be a female chauvinist but try to keep it decently in check.

26.&AAk-If I moved anywhere in the world, I would live in London.

27.&AAk-If I could live anywhere within the United States, I would live in the Florida Keys.

28.&AAk- If I wanted to move but stay in the Midwest, I’d move to Minneapolis.

29.&AAk-I have a really good volleyball serve.

30. I can leg press a lot of weight. On that Nautilus machine where you squeeze your legs together, I can do 170 pounds’ almost the entire weight stack. The men at the gym are afraid of me’. My thighs, actually.

31.&AAk-I like to sleep a lot.

32. My dream job would be to have some sort of industry out of my big home in the country, like maybe weaving expensive wool sweaters from the wool of my sheep, or possibly have a pottery studio in my big old barn.

33.&AAk-I can horseback ride both English and Western saddle.

34.&AAk-For years, I only wore white or black.

35.&AAk-The first adult book I ever read was Watership Down by Richard Adams. I read it when I was seven. I have reread probably twenty times.

36.&AAk-I always have a song stuck in my head (as of writing this, it’s ‘Only the Young’ by Journey).

37.&AAk-I am a magazine junkie.

38.&AAk-I have no less than four people in my near ancestry who made their living as a medium or a psychic

39.&AAk-I am the seventh female in a line of first-born females.

40. When my father was a teenager, he cheated on his girlfriend (my mother, incidentally) with another girl, who then got pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption.

41. I got my first ticket ever three weeks after receiving my driver’s license. My mother had let her license plate expire and I got the ticket for it.

42.&AAk-I had been driving that very car illegally for eight months prior, with the same expired license plate.

43.&AAk-Favorite flower: violet.

44.&AAk-My first car was a 1978 red Chevrolet Monza hatch back. I named it Ernie.

45. I have a scar on the inside of my right middle finger that is shaped like a ‘Y’. I received it when I was five years old and climbed over a barbed-wire fence. I got three stitches.

46. Because that happened when I was just learning my right from my left, I even now subconsciously turn my hand over to check for the scar when someone asks me if they should turn right or left.

47.&AAk-I wore braces for three years and two months.

48.&AAk-I have a permanent retainer glued on the backs of my bottom teeth. I use it when my tongue feels itchy.

49.&AAk-My hands can stretch ten keys on a piano, which is very large for a woman pianist, I’m told.

50.&AAk-I hate rutabagas, lima beans and Brussel sprouts.

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