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Daily Archives: October 31st, 2001

I do believe in spooks… I do I do I do I do believe in spooks!

Here’s that ghost story I promised: First off, you should know that my mother was nomadic in my earlier childhood. To get some idea of exactly how nomadic she was, I have lived in no less than twenty different homes (not including my dorm room in college) in my life and only four of them […]

I’m thinking of tattooing the word “What?” on my forehead

Boo. Today I’m dressed as Grumpy Ear Ache Girl, most noticeable by my rendition of her trademark cry: ‘What? What? I can’t hear out of that ear!’ Yesterday, I spent exactly 45 minutes at work. About five minutes of that was spent tenderly trying to insert my headphone, which is like a hearing aid and […]

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