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Daily Archives: February 2nd, 2002

Do not fear the Body Butter

Weetabix: Scratch my back please? Esteban: (scratches Weetabix’s back) Weetabix: (undulating and twisting, trying to maneuver her back so that he hits the itchy spot) Lower…. Left…. Down… the other down…. Other…no… move…. Arrrrgghh! Esteban: Where?!?!?! Weetabix: I think my skin is dry and that’s why it’s itchy. Can you put some Body Butter on […]

Jiffy Pop Bra and Hot Hooters…oooh!

My sister Mo left a message in the guestbook stating that she has a water-filled bra and it does not freeze when she goes outside. She then immediately sent me an email (we were at work) telling me to read my guestbook. I replied “Did I really want to know that?”, meaning that my little […]

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