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Monthly Archives: May 2002

This is how you remind me about how I suck

Ok, it’s official. I suck. I’m a horrible wifely thing. Yesterday was our anniversary. Over the weekend, Esteban and I had a spout of unpleasantness, mostly driven by my general hormonal goofiness. And also the fact that he spent all three nights of the weekend away from the house (Friday at a D&D game, Saturday […]

Whore moans, Whore moans….

So, I had a brief pissy snit this weekend and posted this overly dramatic bullshit here, all in italics, because that just seemed to make it sound that much more sincere. And then at the end of it, I mentioned that all of that angst just had to be hormonal. It was up for about […]

Angst and more angst

The horror. THE HORROR!!!!!! My drunken mama applied at my company. For a job. At my company. A job here where I work. I just have this horrible brain picture of her sleeping with all of the execs… or worse, the guy who waters the plants, and then coming into work drunk. Or, more likely, […]

Return to the Ass Splinter Bar

At work yesterday, my quilting chica Mary (and sometimes she’s my golf chica Mary as well) came up to my desk and said ‘You know, it’s too bad that you aren’t doing a Club Weetabix tonight because I have off tomorrow.’ I replied, ‘I have off on Tuesday, not tomorrow. But I could’.’ And that […]

I’d even take Batgirl panties if they didn’t ride up

Today, I passed through another seasonal doorway. White pants. Oh, hush, I know that you’re not supposed to wear white pants before Memorial Day, but it’s close enough, and it’s very warm, sunny, and lovely today. Also, I wanted to wear my new honeydew colored t-shirt, and white pants go well with it. I had […]

Just a Buffy geek

According to Esteban, I have progressed into a complete and utter Buffy geek. It’s not enough that I literally make plans to ensconce myself on the couch when there’s a new Buffy episode and refuse to even answer the phone while it’s on. It’s not enough that I was having panic attacks the Tuesday night […]

This entry gives new meaning to the sentence “Oooh, is that a graham cracker crust?”

You know how I’m a lazy ass? If you didn’t know that, I’m telling you right now. I’m a lazy ass. It’s not so much that I’m lazy, it’s just that I don’t have follow through. Neither does my mom. For instance, when we did the kitchen painting project, like, fifteen years ago (ok, two […]

There is no such thing as the perfect mate

(The scene: Dinner at Chez Weetabix, after Weetabix has cooked for approximately one hour making barbecued pork loin, jambalaya, corn, and homemade blueberry cobbler. Also sourdough bread. Sure, she purchased that and didn’t actually make it with her own two hands, but she had to go out of her way to go to a special […]

This entry can figure Pi to the 27th decimal

A circle. You’d think that between four adults we could figure out the basics of a circle. I mean, isn’t that the first shape you learn in kindergarten? Or maybe earlier now. I guess there’s all sorts of entrance exams for kindergarten now. When I was a kid (oh my god, did I really just […]

It has HOW MANY calories????

I’m a little upset with you. Not one of you even bothered to tell me that Chris Sarandon was on the dredge that is “Judging Amy Crossing Jordon Alias and Order” or whatever it is and now I guess he’s been written off. Chris Sarandon is just yummy and even more so now that he’s […]

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