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Daily Archives: May 19th, 2002

There is no such thing as the perfect mate

(The scene: Dinner at Chez Weetabix, after Weetabix has cooked for approximately one hour making barbecued pork loin, jambalaya, corn, and homemade blueberry cobbler. Also sourdough bread. Sure, she purchased that and didn’t actually make it with her own two hands, but she had to go out of her way to go to a special […]

This entry can figure Pi to the 27th decimal

A circle. You’d think that between four adults we could figure out the basics of a circle. I mean, isn’t that the first shape you learn in kindergarten? Or maybe earlier now. I guess there’s all sorts of entrance exams for kindergarten now. When I was a kid (oh my god, did I really just […]

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