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Daily Archives: June 7th, 2002

Their favorite play must be King Leer.

Ok. This has got to stop. At this moment, 225 Diaryland users list “Shakespear” on their profile as their favorite author. Shakespear. Not Shakespeare. Shakespear. Stop the insanity, people! If you’re going to list something for the pretension value, at least have the common sense to LOOK UP THE PROPER SPELLING OF HIS NAME! GOD! […]

Haystack vs. Mullet…. next week on pay per view!

Esteban: Wow. Let me see your hair! Weetabix: It freaked Mo out. Esteban: Why would it freak your sister out? Weetabix: Because she said I normally have all subdued hair. She’s never seen my hair all wild. Esteban: I don’t think that she should be making claims about subdued hair. Hers isn’t exactly avant garde. […]

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