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Monthly Archives: July 2002

Bah bup bup ba bah, bah bup bup ba bah……. GD Soda Sluts

Yesterday, I spent a good part of the day talking on the phone to a network guy from a company that I shall call Lepsi-Lola. That’s really not the name though. I’ve changed it, you see, because I am very clever that way. Anyway, Andy was extremely nice but kept putting me on hold while […]

The infamous Porn Store Tape

After much negotiation, not to mention editing, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you’ The Porn Store Transcript! (Age 21 and over please’ I don’t want to be responsible for corrupting anyone’ other than my friends, that is) Carissa: You know that picture I was telling you about? That’s what it looked like. Only you know… […]

And now let’s get the rest of the story…gah!

So. My weekend. Gah. This entry is going to make my hand cramp. I can tell already. It started normal enough. I went home and hung out with my homies. And by ‘homies’, I mean Tilly and several hundred dirty socks. I basically went even further into slacker mode. I wasn’t certain when Penny and […]

Call the social worker, she’s drunk again

Penny decided that being a designated driver SUCKS!!!!!!!! Mo came out and laughed at me, then scammed me to buy her a beer. Damn dirty Mo. That is a bad bar. Chiliitos are good. I recorded much of Carissa and my drunken conversation with my spy recording device. Buzz the bartender was there too. Without […]

What girls really talk about at the salon

Stacy: So what are we doing today? Weetabix: Cut! Cut! Cut! Stacy: And brows? Weetabix: Hooo yeah. Get the weed whacker. Stacy: Oh, they’re not that bad. Weetabix: I’ve been trying. Stacy: We’ll open them up. We’ll yank them off and everything will be all pretty. Weetabix: Cat woman eyebrows. Love that. Stacy: Your color […]

Just a girl

Oh goodness, it’s Thursday already. I’m not certain exactly what happened to yesterday. Yes. Yes I am. Sit back and I’ll tell you. On Tuesday, I ended up preparing two complete dinners. Esteban decided that he wanted to be a pissy snit and didn’t like salmon. Fine. I made him some kind of burgandy roast […]

This entry can build a fire with two sticks, some pine needles and some

lighter fluid We finally got the tree planted last night. Eric, he of spermy swimming ability, stopped over and helped Esteban dig the hole. He was a great help. Scotty Boom Boom was held late at work because he is 26 and all Type A personality, therefore didn’t join us until we were at the […]

Is that with one H or two?

So how stupid must someone be to eat something that just made you sick? It’s like taking a big old glurp out of a chunky carton of milk. &AAk- Tilly likes flowers. Particularly the filler that surrounds the flowers. Baby’s breath is her favorite crudit’s but she’ll eat asparagus fern in a pinch. Any bouquet […]

This entry is wearing rubber gloves and holding a feather duster

I am, at this very moment, avoiding housework. I hate that term. Housework. Having a house IS work. They don’t tell you that shit when you’re signing eight million pieces of paper and giving you a free pen. Nope. They won’t tell you about how the weeds grow up in the cracks of the driveway […]

It’s got Boobs. It’s got farts and poo. It’s a stereotypical entry.

I was about to start this entry by telling you that I was going to be entirely random but then I realized, “And that is different than…?” Thus, this entry is a Star-bellied Sneech. I just got done reading Fraud by David Rakoff, which was part of a birthday present from Chauffi. I am loving […]

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