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Monthly Archives: February 2003

It’s such a good feeling, a very good feeling

My Evil Throat Of Death continues to plague me. I’m all snuffy and my voice has slowly gone from sounding Kathleen Turnerish to the realm of Henry Kissinger. Tres sexy, non? So I went to the Doctor on Wednesday. Dr. Perky never works on Wednesday so I got to see her backup guy. I don’t […]

I’m so glad you were my friend

The day I’ve dreaded for a long time has come. As soon as I saw his face on the opening moments of The Today Show, I started murmuring “No no no no no nononononono…” but yes. Yes. A few hours ago, the world lost a little bit of warmth. Fred McFeeley Rogers passed away early […]

Fish, bubbles, and handwritten journals

Shhhhhhhhh. Don’t speak. Just sit there and listen. Do you hear that? No’ wait’Nevermind. It was nothing. There it is again. Did you hear it that time? Let’s just wait it out. We have some time, right? I have a whole little pot of Body Shop lip balm. Born Lippy, it’s called. I think that’s […]

An entry is worth 15000 words.

Ok, I tried to be tricky and use mouseovers and flipping pictures and all sorts of HTML wackiness, but the people have spoken and said it sucks. So here are the captions in normal mode and no flippover on the booby picture. Gah. I hate mofo html. Allison looks just like Faith from Buffy the […]

this is fucked up, right here

Hi. Me? I’m drunk. Malibu. Malibue and Diet Coke. I think I bought one drink, then Naked Chris bought the rest. He never did get naked. And then there was another Chris. And Elvis. And somehow my lip priunts got on Elvis, Chris, Eric, and a very old man named Don. Good god. Oh, and […]

Stabbing Assward

You know who is way better than me? Way funnier and way more cool? No, don’t answer LadeeLeroy. I don’t acknowledge that she exists. She is my arch nemesis, even though she’s a fellow 12% Beermate, because sometimes people are so clever that it’s not enough to hate them a little. You have to declare […]

Another time when a Greek chorus would have been helpful

So I was on the phone with my drunken mama and mentioned to her that I would be going to San Francisco in a few weeks. “I wish I could go somewhere. No one ever invites me anywhere. It’s not like I’ve ever gone anywhere in my life. You go everywhere and do everything all […]

Your nomination is better than chocolate

I have all of this other writing to do today, a Quoted update to post, and in fact, I even have ‘You’ve Got Mail’ on pause in the living room, but instead, I’m drawn to this page. I’ve been thinking about bodies again, body shape, my body, the bodies of other folks. In last week’s […]

This entry is sponsored by Advil Migraine

This morning, it is a balmy 20 degrees, up from negative eight million, and it feels as though the world is waking up. Although it isn’t, really, and it’s all Mother Nature’s clever ruse. She’s just resting, filling her lungs to blow a breeze so cold it makes your soul shiver. And I, however, have […]

I’m leaving. On a jet plane.

So my life. What a strange thing it is. Sometimes it poops in my hand and then looks at me very smugly. And then other days, it’s singing the tenor part of an Andrew Lloyd Webber song with me about how wonderful the world is. This week, I’m working uber long hours, hence the infrequent […]

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