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Monthly Archives: March 2003

What could possibly go wrong?

Once upon a time, a Czarina decided to listen to a priest who was a little wacky. Once upon a time, one Mediterranean tribe decided to accept a really big wooden horse from another tribe that didn’t like them. Once upon a time, a government agency decided that a really good way to end a […]

Add Tori and shake until completely blended

I’ve been having strange dreams recently. Colors and tastes and textures not often seen in real life. Perhaps on the set of a movie or in a world manufactured by Michael Eisner, but not here, and certainly not there and definitely never in Green Bay Wisconsin. Lots of slick reds and yellows so glowy that […]

My hands are cold. Without the lotion.

Oh man, it has been too long. Too long! How are you? How is your life? Do you still work at the same place? Have your children grown and made me feel old? Do you have grandchildren now? And all of our friends, have they retired and are now wearing polyester and living in Boca? […]

Bar Trek IV: The Wrath of Boone’s Farm

It’s one of those weird weekends where time slows down. I’ve noticed that they only seem to happen about once a quarter, and it almost feels a bit of a waste for it to happen on a weekend that is a nothing weekend. Although it is nice today, nice yesterday too although not as nice […]

It’s not a democracy, it’s a Weetocracy

Gosh, I’ve never been controversial in my life. This is so very strange. Well, wait, that’s not entirely true. There was the Wal-mart thing. And when I stood up for Uncle Bob‘s right to ask questions about gay sex. But I don’t think it’s ever been implied that I am un-American. And I live twenty […]

Let them eat french cake

You know, I don’t really delve into current events on this thing, mostly because I’m a ditzy airhead who prefers to tell you the color of her nail polish (OPI’s Rock And Roll Red as of this writing, in case you’re interested) than discuss foreign policy, but every once in awhile, I pull my head […]

Ain’t it cool to sound like an idiot?

I just want to make one thing clear right now. I absolutely hate it when people say “ain’t”. I have other verbal pet peeves too, like when people say “irregardless” or “orientated” or start C words with K’s just to be cute (not kute) or pronounce “nuclear” as “nucular”. But “ain’t” is right up there […]

The Great Jam Caper

Thank you to whomever nominated and voted for this diary and the entries in this quarter’s Diarist awards. I can’t tell you how honored I was to be nominated and selected to be a finalist and to be a vehicle for Chauffi‘s guest entry. And now being voted in thrice was something I never imagined, […]

The boots do not need a prop

My thigh bruise is healing quite nicely. Esteban freaked out when he saw it. I explained that I was crawling into the backseat of a Saab with my non-Swedish ass and it was like being born and somehow one of the strange Swedish knobs pierced me in a non-attractive place, but then I later mused […]

Oh the places you’ll go

Too much’ too much’ can’t write a narrative, so instead bullets to put me out of my misery. I’ve already alluded to a Night of Wacky Fun with Jen, Chauffi, and Mopie in the previous entry, but here’s more: We went to eat at the Stinking Rose, which is named for garlic and not some […]

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