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Monthly Archives: May 2003

You cried for the moon

Yesterday, Esteban’s grandma passed away. I wrote about her situation here. Essentially, most people with her condition had a life expectancy of at best two years and the aneurysm had gone undetected for a long time. She’d been getting worse in the last two weeks. Violent and confused, she didn’t understand where she was. Her […]

What matters

Have you tried the new McDonald’s McGriller’s yet? I was just going to have a Luna bar breakfast this morning, but couldn’t resist it when I swung through to pick up my summer staple, McD’s Diet Crack’ er, Coke. It’s like an Egg McMuffin, but instead of a dried up English muffin, they use two […]

The pitter patter of little feet

A terrible thing has happened. I have lost count of how many mice we’ve had since the Great Mouse Caper began. I remember that there was one week where there were three. Or really, one half, one whole and one misplaced live one. Then there was a dead one. Then the one I caught, which […]

Hell will come with PowerPoint presentations

This is your Weetabix. This is your Weetabix on vacation. I am so happy that I took tomorrow off for a nice round four-day weekend. Those four days are spreading out in front of me like an open highway and me, I’m sitting in a 59 Cadillac convertible with a rocking sound system and a […]

Doesn’t matter if it’s black or white

Ok, I’ve recovered. Somewhat. In case you missed it, this page looked a little wacky for about four hours. It was all black and white and grayscale. Now it’s feeling much better. I’m still in mourning however. It’s just quiet mourning. Also, Craig made me feel a little better with one of his comments. So, […]


As God as my witness, Marti Noxon, you are going DOWN bitch! Sniffle…. my snarky undead boyfriend. Excuse me. I cannot think today.

La souris gare la voiture

Thank you to whomever nominated this entry for Best Dramatic Entry in the Diarist Awards for Quarter 1 2003. I’m greatly honored and am in some great company along with Cutting Through Fluff (whom I met at JournalCon 02 and still have her little pink fluffy swag sitting next to my computer) and Sunshyn. I […]

Firm support

I had this afternoon off, due to my insane work schedule earlier in the week, so I had lunch with Fern in which I defied the very laws of nature and ate barbecue while wearing a white shirt and escaped unscathed. The weather was incredible, so I drove eastward, blaring the Abba and singing at […]

I’m Above Average for containing my own saliva

Mmmm’. It’s spring. You can almost see summer, almost touch it even. It’s just right there, inches away, and you can almost brush it with your fingers if you reach out far enough. This morning, I woke early, dressed WAY cute (Hottie Jeans, even though it’s a Thursday, sneaks, and retro 70’s athletic shirt, with […]

Silly rabbit, some Brits are shits

Finally finished wading through my collection of Manor House episodes on the TiVo. It was a bit like running a marathon, mostly because each episode was two hours long and through some crazy Public Television logic, without commercials, so rather than being two hours of TiVo time, it was two hours of REAL time. By […]

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