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Monthly Archives: July 2003


I should be going to sleep right now, but instead I’m sitting here sweating at my keyboard. I subbed for Pennilicious’s volleyball team tonight. I haven’t played in two years. I would have thought it more than that, but wouldn’t you know it, I wrote about my old team back in the summer of 2001 […]

An important part of this well-balanced entry

I am very sad today. Karl the fish at 826 Valencia died. I just now found out. Too late to send flowers or bowls of red jell-o and bananas and Cool-Whip. Karl was Jenfu’s boyfriend. I wanted him to be my fishy boyfriend, but did not want to step on the beautiful delicate feet of […]

Sticky wicket

This will go down in history as the Summer of The Biblical Plagues on my house. Seriously. First it was the mice, which I took care of with four live traps and one cat. Then these itty bitty ants showed up in the kitchen addition. Some Terro ant stuff took care of that. Now, when […]

Tch Tch Tch aah aah aaaaaaaah

Ok, the two truths and a lie thing. I did act in a low budget horror movie when I was sixteen. The movie was called The Butcher and my character was stabbed repeatedly in the head. In fact, I found the hideous orange wig my character (Debbie Dumaflachee) wore (so that it could be placed […]

Add it Up

Number of Weddings attended: 1 Number of Weddings attended at Renaissance faire: 1 Number of Weddings attended at Renaissance faire in lifetime: 1 Sane reasons for getting married at a Renaissance faire: 0 Miles to Wedding: 154 Average posted speed limit: 65 mph Miles driven while obeying the posted speed limit: 0 Miles driven exceeding […]

Funny fat girl sidekick seeks SGM for mutual shopping adventures. Must

have funky glasses. My migraine has dissolved into a minor irritation. I still have tightness in my shoulders, but music isn’t inciting me to murder anyone and my appetite is back again (thanks to a foray into carbs while I had the migraine’ big mistake because now I could eat a Buick), so I’m guessing […]


You’ll notice that I brought the old layout back. There’s Chubby Tink, back to her normal job of sprinkling the title bar with fairy dust. Wave at her. She likes attention. She’s a diva. Much thanks to everyone who signed up for the Diaryland coolness. I hope that we took some of the heat off […]

And now a word from our sponsor

Things look a little different on this page today. That’s because there might come a time when there isn’t a Diaryland. Diaryland is currently a free site, which is way cool because that means you can try out this online journaling thing and not have to deal with using FTP or knowing PURL or having […]

Odor eaters

If there is one bit of wisdom that I can impart about aging, it is this: People don’t change as they age, they simply become more themselves. It’s like a personality slowly condenses, like water evaporating from a boiling pot. Or, in the case of some people, milk slowly curdling. Quirks (or faults) that were […]

The Bar Which Shall Not Be Named

Hi. I’m the Bad Bar. I smell like the men’s bathroom but after four drinks, you won’t care. My floors are mysteriously always sticky. Everything glows here. Because it’s magic. And I want you. To want. Me. Hi, I’m a skinny blonde bitch who has overly processed hair and wears black tank tops. I tan […]

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