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Monthly Archives: September 2003


So Sunday, Esteban performed yet another feat of extraordinary magic with scrambled eggs (and God has apparently granted me with super human powers to resist the urge to write “eggstrordinary magic”, which is probably best for all involved). I don’t even know what it is, but his scrambled eggs are perfect. PERFECT. What is more, […]


Someone somewhere else in the cube farm just let loose with this total wicked laugh. Like “Mua ha hahahahaHA!” Only, it was their real laugh. Regardless, I almost peed my pants. I had no idea that I worked with Snively Whiplash, who is apparently a woman in peri menopause. Also, yesterday I was called into […]

Snakeheads? Them’s good eating.

Holy hell, that snakehead fish thing? Is that not the freakiest ass thing you’ve ever seen in your life? And it’s carnivorous and also can somehow walk on land? Because God couldn’t give the people of Wisconsin enough nightmares with Jeffrey Dahmer and Ed Gein (which was, by the way, my suggestion for a design […]

I drove all night

So the car. On Saturday morning, Esteban and I woke up early and proceeded to empty the remnants of the last four years of my life from the Monte. The trunk’ was a nightmare. Seriously. Quilting things, many roving golf balls of various girly shades, some very disturbing things from Stuckey’s that have been in […]

Bloggy like Omar, just not as cute

Just a quick bloggy style update. Opus is coming back! My email isn’t working! In case of emergency, you can use woohoo funky at sign thingy new dot rr dot com. It’s apparently been down for several days. I just thought I had b.o. or something and no one loved me. Yes, I’m irrational sometimes. […]


Esteban : So, I was on Fark the other day and I saw this thing about this girl who had been having sex with her boyfriend and then she went to work after that. And she had her dildo in her purse. So she’s in her office and the dildo falls out and rolls across […]

It’s stalkerlicious!

Carissa, Penny and I went out to lunch and now I have Dick Cheney breath. And then, I realized that I probably shouldn’t mention that to anyone else. It just goes to prove, though, that almost anything sounds bad if you put Dick Cheney’s name in front of it. Which should tell you something right […]

Dr. Jekyll and Mister Ira

I woke up Saturday morning at 9 something because I had an early morning hair appointment with Staci. Esteban originally had wanted to look all nice for car shopping, but I pointed out that it was raining and yucky outside and it just didn’t make sense. He opted for a nice shirt and jeans and […]

Boobs and burritos… it just doesn’t get any better than that

On Friday, Esteban began to search in earnest for a replacement for the Monte. He really loves the thrill of the chase, in such a way that it scares me. As I mentioned in the previous entry, he is more concerned with a good deal than what I really really love. Thus, I began my […]

Cruise control

From all outward appearances, I look like an adult. Seriously, I think I pull the charade off very well. I have many bits of plastic that tell the world that I am trustworthy with money. I own a house. I manage to keep it clean, or at least do my half (if not more) of […]

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