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Monthly Archives: October 2004

Encyclopedia Brown, watch out!

Man, apparently, I’m down to two updates a week on this thing. That is just sad. I can only plead an insane schedule again. This week, I have two freelance projects, work, physical therapy, class, a story to critique, Slaughterhouse Fiveto read and also must do laundry or titillate the male population with my curvy […]

Caution: may cause drowsiness

I have the beginning of nasty Death Throat happening, so on Thursday night I paid a visit to Dr. Perky to hopefully stave off the impending misery. She prescribed me the usual Zithromax without the Prednisone chaser, as my lungs hadn’t quite given up the fight yet. I felt somewhat vindicated in that my temperature […]

Unless sounded as A, such as in neighbors and no fucking way

Oh the floor. The floor! I just can’t get over the floor! It’s all shiny and pretty and eclectic and looks like what other people have in their homes instead of the sixties lin-oh-lee-um that should have been in the Smith-soh-ne-un. It’s almost like we’re actual adults instead of living in a frat house. Of […]

Scullery maid

Well, it was another sort of horribly unfun but very productive weekends at Casa Weetabix, although it did have its highlights. I did make it back out for some uninterrupted shopping on Friday night, scoring a new shower curtain liner at Bed, Bath and Beyond (gah, I am absolutely frothing at the bit waiting for […]

Yellow Wallpaper

Houston, we have walls. More accurately, my office has walls. It looks so solid in there without that cheapass seventies blonde paneling. For those of you who are involved in home repair and are considering paneling, just put down the staple gun and no one will get hurt. I am very very excited about my […]

The Best of Intentions

Things are crazy at Casa Weetabix right now. I had grand plans for the weekend, as I have not yet truly recovered from the previous weekend craziness. I wanted to finish up some of my own projects and maybe do some shopping, but as it turned out, I was not the master of my destiny, […]


A quick update on past storylines (is that what you call it? Hey, it’s my life here; it’s not a ‘storyline’ or whatever, as though the DiMera’s have hatched an evil plot to be foiled by one of the Brady’s sleuthing brood or something): Ward and Esteban fixed the dryer in about fifteen minutes. I […]

Verbal Flatulence

The woman who lives on the other side of my cubicle has verbal diarrhea. She also feels the need to narrate her entire day to no one in particular. She will also just stand up and lob non-sequiturs over our cursed three-quarter wall and because I am facing my computer to do a quaint little […]

Betelgeuse Betelgeuse Betelgeuse

We drive up the Bay in the dark, 80’s music playing on the blue lighted cd deck, OMD pleading with us that if we were to leave, we shouldn’t leave now and take their hearts away. We’ve got the sunroof open even though it’s a nippy 50 degrees. The night sky is clear and Perseus […]


I had a lovely weekend, as weekends go. On Thursday evening, Penny, Carissa and I went out for fondue and martinis and laughter to celebrate Penny’s impending nuptials. I had taken off on Friday in anticipation of The Bar That Is Badness, but Penny had too many wedding things to do and begged off, so […]

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