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Monthly Archives: November 2004

Merci Amis

My story was workshopped in class last Tuesday and it received very good comments, including from the guy who had written on the truly horrible story two weeks ago that ‘the dialogue is actually causing me physical pain’. (Heee. I like that guy.) My girl crush talked about the ‘agility of the prose’, which made […]

Live from New York, it’s Bono

Ah, I’m Bono and this is the Saturday Night Live. This is not a rebel song. This is Saturday Bloody Live. Something. Camera? Is this my camera? This is Bono’s camera. We get three songs because we’re U2, fronted by Bono. Yeah. That’s right. I’m Bono. Big B, two ohs, little n. No. Not Boon. […]

Dueling with the Dawdler

It all started last week when my mother asked me to watch Jonathon overnight while she finished the interior of someone’s cabin four hours north of GB. I agreed, but then she called back and said that the guy didn’t want them to come yet because his son was in the high school championship football […]

Insert bad Godfather impression here

On Friday evening, only moments after posting the last entry and declaring to all the world that I needed vodka, stat, I found myself calling my collection of Bar Boys and organizing a rendezvous at the Bad Bar. Only for a quick drink, I kept telling myself, reassuring my inner child of an alcoholic that […]

Job Satisfaction Score

It has been the week from hell, which culminates with my hell day at work. Goody. Today, my blood pressure was so high that my hands-free phone set, which has an earpiece that goes into your head like a hearing aid, was bobbing up and down and then I realized it was my PULSE. I […]


You know how I bitch about being on the Prednisone and how it gives me a schizophrenic tummy (hungry? Not hungry, angry! Now hungry! Arrrgh! Splenda Head want four gallons of ice-cold chocolate milk or kill you now!) not to mention keeps me awake for about five hours past my normal bedtime? Yeah, well, there’s […]

Panty Christ

Warning: this entry will NOT be a reaction to the political climate of the US. It will be about panties and perhaps something other stupid thing. If you want political punditism, type something blindly into your browser’s navigation tool and I’m sure that you’ll hit a page that talks about recounts or Ohio or crowing […]

The one with the Braaaaaains

It was kind of a weirdly productive weekend. I spent Friday evening watching Dawn of the Dead, still laughing to myself about the punch line to all zombie jokes (which is, of course, ‘Brraaaaaaaains!’ HEEE!) and then spent the rest of the night triple and quintuple checking the locks on all the doors and cursing […]

Green Bay Mini Con Survey

Weekend in Green Bay (aka Weetacon) March 4-6 Two choices of accommodations, both located in downtown Green Bay directly across the street from each other: St. Brendans Inn Toll free (866) 604-7474) 1 queen bed with whirlpool tub, rainfall shower, free breakfast, and luxury furnishings for $89.50 plus tax(Group Rate: Weetacon)

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