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Monthly Archives: December 2004

Old Year’s Revolutions 2004

Every December 31, I take a quick review of the last 364 days. The recaps of the last four years are here and here and here and here. I made one trip to the emergency room, had two MRI’s, and three rounds of physical therapy. I am thankful every day that I have really good […]

Stripped Throat

Things I have learned since being sick: *It is possible to survive on hot tea and Dasani alone, provided that you have cleverly stored fat in your ass for just this type of emergency. *I actually can function without caffeine, despite how much I firmly believed the contrary. However, it causes me to listen to […]

Christmas Photo Essay


Sunday started early with a call from Mary Kaye, who was in town for the holidays, telling me that she was cutting her visit short because her family members were being either indifferent or jerks and she was tired of being trapped in the house. I agreed to pick them up at noon and then […]

Grandma got run over by a Blue Light Special

On Christmas morning, Esteban and I woke up bright and early and exchanged presents with each other in our pajamas. Then we wandered around in a flurry because my family was coming over for brunch. In a rare bit of forethought, I had done a lot of the food preparation on Christmas Eve, so the […]

Glories stream from heaven afar

It is Christmas Eve. I park my car close to the vestibule, not really sure how early one should arrive for church service. It’s been too long since I’ve done this, too long since I’ve last sat inside my childhood church. When I was a kid, I attended the parochial school that squats on the […]


I was sitting here filling out one of those survey things to make as today’s entry, but then I got to the end and thought ‘My GOD, what am I about to do? Who would want to read this boring shit about which song lyric best summed up my 2004 (Hint: it’s from ‘Such Great […]

Warm enough for a man

Yesterday, I made it through the work day with mostly a blank stare and mercifully stuffed ears so I didn’t start screaming at the blathering from the other side of the cube wall. As I was walking out of the office, I decided that if I still felt shitty the next day, I would stay […]


I am sick. I am finally admitting it. I am sick. Don’t tell Esteban, though, because that bastard is always right. My much maligned vacation day on Monday? Spent in a thousand yard stare as I breathed through my mouth and chugged hot tea. I had to drive my car to the snooty suburb 10 […]

In a tree…. see, you need more.

I always put a lot of thought into the mix CDs that I make for friends, sometimes playing with a big selection of songs and then whittling down the contenders and messing with song orders. I’m certain that if I put this much energy into my actual writing that I would be easily on my […]

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