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Monthly Archives: March 2005

Whinging crap

My uterus would like to announce to the world that it is angry and not going to take this anymore. I just watched the Bridget Jones sequel tonight. I thought it was pretty good. Even the part in the Thai prison with the Madonna songs. This should give you some understanding as to just how […]

Stricken, Smitten and Schwartz, Attorneys at Law

I’ve been thinking a lot about faith these days. I am always humbled by humanity’s ability to use faith as a reason to be a better person. This is a very important time of the year for several religions. Passover. Good Friday. Equinox. For someone who talks about Hell all the time and the likelihood […]

That sure is some good peeing, mister

A nice weekend, definitely, full of long uninterrupted stretches of languorous loafing and undirected wandering. On Friday evening, we made random plans to see Constantine but then decided that we were both too tired and screw it, we’d just stay home and watch history geek shows. We discussed our plans to go to Chicago on […]

The unbearable lightness of Krispy Kreme

The following was written on Friday, before Diaryland’s big hemorrhage An update on the great MA/MFA dilemma: upon further examination, I realized that I am three classes and a final project away from getting my MA. Because my existing credits won’t transfer to these MFA programs, if I went that route I’d be essentially starting […]

The Case of the Idiotic MFA Student

Sometimes, I am a very stupid girl. No. I am. I’m assuming you’re arguing, because if you’re sitting there, all smug and ‘Yes, Weetabix, we’ve been waiting for you to notice, since you’re all ‘ooooh, I am an artiste! Read my journal about the boobies!’ and by the way, what the hell is with your […]

When Moses was in Egypt’s land’Let my Smecky go.

I talked to Esteban today, using VoIP technology, which was cool because about six months ago, I learned all about VoIP on one of my freelance projects and there we were, his voice going into the computer, through the internet and into my ear. Which is just amazing when you think about it, but then […]


Ok, so I mentioned that I wasn’t lonely? I’m not. I’m in a funk. I don’t think the funk is related to my aloneness, but it’s certainly not assisted by it either. I’m going to focus on house stuff this weekend, and hopefully losing myself in To Do lists and mini projects and floor shopping […]

Weetacon: The Movie

Ok, I only got about a minute of raw film on Saturday night when my battery gave out, but with some tweaking and a little “stock” footage (from our last trip out), I was able to cobble together this. Enjoy. Note: you’ll want to download this rather than play it from the source. PS. Thank […]

Top dogs

On Sunday afternoon, after seeing most of the con attendees off, Lisa-Marie and I decompressed by feeding ducks at the wildlife sanctuary (who were unexpectedly not very interested in our corny offerings) and then coffee at Sbux. We had made loose plans for something to do, but we were both so tired we decided to […]

Bar Trek: The Wrath of Con

How can you encapsulate a weekend of perfect tiny moments in a handful of words? Or a thousand? Or a million? I doubt I’ll be able to do it justice. Actually, I know that I won’t. So, the big Bad Bar Con weekend. I’d been kind of weirded out by the concept of all of […]

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