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Monthly Archives: April 2005

When I’m walking, I strut my stuff

I have mentioned in the past that Green Bay is a radio wasteland and I think nothing demonstrates this simple truth more than the fact that I had to move from this city of more than a hundred thousand to the sleepy little college town of Stevens Point in order to experience my first truly […]

Performance Anxiety

Ok, the story that I was chortling over in the last entry? It’s about to go live. I’m handing it in today. I’ve never done that before… gone from zero to workshop in less than five days. I’m freaking out about it. I keep looking back to my neatly stapled pack of 13 copies and […]

It’s a girl

story! I finished my stupid story. Finished. It’s been done for about twelve hours, but I’ve been playing with it, trying to turn it into a story, with a beginning, a middle and an end. And it does. It has characters, it has a plot, and it has lines that make me happy, which isn’t […]

Men At Work

There are two seasons on Wisconsin roads: ice and road construction. Tonight, we were weaving our way through orange barrels and temporary graveled surfaces, past giant Tonka machinery and various scary implements of paving torture. I was describing how earlier in the week, the road had been closed, and there were a bunch of cranes […]

Trailer Trashed

It’s been a quiet kind of Saturday. The kind of Saturdays that I remember as a kid in the summer, Saturdays that don’t mean anything really. I have decompressed quite a bit in the last two days. I now have deadline zen. I think the catalyst was an emergency half-vacation day yesterday and a trip […]

Hoofd kaas

Gah, what a week. Wait, it’s only Wednesday? What a world, what a world, she says, slowly melting into a puddle on the ground. So, a quick recap: I spent my entire weekend on freelance stuff, even though it was obscenely gorgeous. I made Irish soda bread to go with my Irish butter, which was […]

Still kicking yourself about missing the Bad Bar Con?

It’s on, my babies. It is so on.

The Cheese stands alone

It’s warming up here in the great white north, although not so white and not so great these days. The little lilac bush outside my front door has green buds, the hint of bees and lawn sprinklers and ripe strawberries to come. I have been craving watermelon these days, although a perfectly taut watermelon is […]

The one where I rant about Trading Spaces

So the weekend. It was a lovely weekend as weekends go. I really can’t complain. I mean, sure, I wasn’t being showered in jewels or trinkets or fuzzy pink leg warmers or anything, but it was pretty nice. Saturday morning, Esteban and I lounged in bed until almost noon, which is so shameful but it […]

I share a birthday with Paul Lynde too

I have recently been exploring iTunes, because I live in a technologically backwards section of the country and when my friends win a free song on iTunes under their Pepsi cap, they save them for me. I did not ask for this to happen, it has just spontaneously occurred. I have some very nice friends […]

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