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Monthly Archives: June 2006

Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in really pointy high

heels Over the past two weekends in a row, a parent of a friend has passed away. I’ve spent the last two Tuesdays in a row at funerals. I hate to be superstitious because I always think of swarthy women with hairy moles, wearing burlap scarves and giving people the evil eye, and I can […]

Vikings on a Plane

Things that have made me laugh over the last two weeks: Imitating golf commentary as delivered by Maya Angelou Re: exchange following the above conversation: “Yeah, but my father isn’t a politically oppressed black woman.”“He would be by the end of the poem.” Re: Insufficient robes at the local day spa Weet: Whoa, my boobs […]

Birthday Message from Chauffi

Chauffi here. Today is Weetabix’s Birthday! On this day (if I put a number here I would be killed. Painfully, and probably by people mixing plaids and stripes) XX years ago a force was unleashed on this world. A force for evil? good? Who is to say? Only we, the citizens of the internet will […]


Things I don’t like on salads but keep putting on there anyway Garbanzo BeansTurkeyBacon CrumblesGrape TomatoesBleu Cheese RadicchioIceberg Lettuce Things that I love but always forget to put them on my salad Dried CranberriesCucumbersMandarin Oranges This is to remind myself that I should just stick with the basics: romaine, baby spinach, feta cheese, cucumbers, broccoli […]

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