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Monthly Archives: September 2006

Right back where we started from

So we left off around Tuesday evening of the California leg of my summer vacation, after our early disappointing dinner at Bouchon. We stopped at a Starbucks in Napa to log onto the internet so that we could find a hotel for the night. We weren’t finding anything in Monterey or Santa Cruz that met […]

We’re just following ancient history, if I strip for you will you strip for me?

I know, I still have to get through the travelogues, but until then, life goes on, and I don’t want to forget to post what happens in the meantime. Over dinner on Friday night, Esteban asked me what I wanted to do on Saturday. I responded, “Wake up early, go to the farmer’s market, make […]

The Road Less Travelled By People Who Value Their Life

Back when I was going to be in San Francisco during the last weekend of April and then flying home past Esteban, who would be flying to Las Vegas, I had the brilliant idea to change my plans and just fly to Las Vegas, spend the week there freeloading in Esteban’s hotel room while he […]

What I did on my Summer Vacation

Hello diary! I am back! I promise. Except that I want to spell it Bacque, because that would be cool. Or completely not. So…. Let’s play catch up. The new Super Washer 2006 continues to be very awesome and makes me happy. This is where I assume that I’m going to now have free hours […]

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