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Monthly Archives: November 2006


If you’ve signed up for the Holiday Card Exchange, the final lists went out last night. Check your spam filters! I don’t know where the days are going. Each night, I don’t watch television or anything, just work on writing and whatnot and then all of the sudden, it’s 10:30 pm and way past my […]

Strange as angels

Last night while I was trying to fall asleep and not think about the raging headache I spent all of Sunday pretending didn’t exist (because that which does not kill you is usually something that you can ignore and hope it goes away), I was thinking about what I needed to write down in here […]

Skim Wine?

Weetabix : Did you get milk at the store?Esteban : Um, no.Weetabix : See, I knew that you’d forget something on the list.Esteban : I did not. It wasn’t on the list.Weetabix : It most assuredly was on the list.Esteban : No, I think you’re mistaken.Weetabix : Hmph. Get the list.Esteban : You doubt?Weetabix : […]

Songs to Not Panic

Right now, I’m listening to a lot of NPR, because it’s early winter. I think I do that a lot in early winter. NPR fits or perhaps rages against the pace of November. It’s as reliable as clockwork. I spent October listening to Coldplay and Death Cab and Stars (oh, how I love me some […]

Back in the saddle again

We had a pretty hectic week, followed by a very sedate weekend. I leisurely continued my quest to catch up on every little thing that has been lingering around the house for the last two years, while Esteban killed a bunch of things on World of Warcraft. Or so I would assume. Maybe he was […]

Aw yeah!

For more information, go here.

Oh the weather outside is frightful

Esteban : Yesterday I… I bought… um… Weetabix : Yes? Esteban : I really don’t know why I did this, by the way. I’m sort of amazed. Weetabix : Um… ok. Esteban : So, I bought a 30 inch model of the….um… it’s weird. Weetabix : (mentally cringing, facade revealing nothing) Esteban : It’s like […]

It’s in the hips, sweetie

So, we left off on the K Concourse in O’Hell, where Flavor Flav had just called me baby. Shortly after that, I realized that K Concourse is essentially a dead end and Mr. Flav was sitting in front of my gate. Which meant that in all likelihood, I would be sharing a first class cabin […]

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