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Monthly Archives: February 2007


So, as of the last entry, I had pneumonia, a ton of Minicon stuff to comprehend and a cazy amount of science fiction to read. Since then, I had double the amount of science fiction to read (Our professor needed to change the schedule around so we had two Philip K. Dick books in one […]


Man, I was getting so good at updating every day and then whammo, it’s February and nothing. No love. I do love you, though. I do. Really. It’s not you, baby, it’s me. Before they left for Maui, June was so cute, demanding (but demanding in a firm yet sweet June way) that I come […]

Really I’d better scurry, well maybe just a half a drink more

I’m going to talk about The OC, so if you don’t care (or don’t want to be spoiled, Australians et al.), skip to the line break. I really had a lot of hope for the show after they killed off Marissa. I sort of hated Marissa and now realize that her soulless character just was […]

Food Porn

Esteban and I have a Sunday morning ritual that usually involves him making breakfast (the man is a master egg wrangler… his scrambled eggs have an artful consistency that I’ve never been able to duplicate. My omelets are supreme, but overall, he owns the egg oeuvre), coffee, a newspaper and our collective heckling of the […]

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