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Monthly Archives: April 2007

The agony of the beautiful life

I have been on prednisone for five days. Yes, the pneumonia, she looms once again, but this time, I think we nipped it in the bud. Or in the balls. There was some nipping. I seem to have found a magic antibiotic this time, one that does not make me throw up and one that […]


Here’s what has happened since the last time I blurted out my brain pictures onto this white space: my project from hell continues to remove pieces of my soul and chomp on it, and I’ve had about four million pages of science fiction to read, and also have decided now that my science fiction professor […]

Suit up!

I get a bunch of shopping spam at my work e-mail account for reasons I really don’t understand (gee… maybe all the online shopping I do on my state-mandated breaks) and most of it just gets deleted because the space in my work account is even more precious than the space in my closet, but […]

Notes from a corporate assassin

For the last week, I’ve been dunked headfirst into project land at work. Days spent in planning meetings, and having the uncomfortable position of needing to actually pay attention to said meetings, because I was like, in charge or some crazy shit. Which is just crazy, because these people are all sort of rock stars […]

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