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So Much Meta-ness

Every year I organize a holiday card exchange and this year is no different! If you’re interested in participating in the seventh annual Holiday Card exchange, just send me an email at with your name, mailing address, and your internet website (if you want to share that, some folks like to see it). Also include whether you’re a Holiday Card Exchange Veteran or not, because I send those folks one of my holiday mix CD/cards instead of the standard holiday greeting. Although last year, I just sent a mix CD to everyone but I was feeling inordinately festive that year, so no guarantees it will happen again (although really, you never know). As with previous years, if we have more than 40 participants, I will be splitting the exchange into two separate exchanges, so please also indicate whether you want to be in One or Both exchanges.

So, to recap, I need from you the following:

Mailing Address
Holiday Card Exchange Veteran: Yes/No
Do you want to be in One or Both Exchanges?

Then all you have to do is sit back and wait for November 22, which is when I will send out the list of addresses. Then you stamp and lick and stick and mail your cards and sit back to wait for a slew of awesome greetings from all over the country and some years, all over the world. That’s right, you do not need to be in the US to participate in the card exchange. Everyone’s welcome (and if we get to two exchanges, I’ll split up the non-US addresses evenly between the two).

Yay! Holiday Card Exchange!

Also, there’s this:

It's What's For Dinner

Details here.

(PS. Squee.)

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