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Rapid Fire Challenge

Some really quick bites:

*If you didn’t already know about an incredible positive body image site called Big Fat Deal, it’s time you got your fine ass over there and checked it out. Cool thing: a screen shot of the site was just featured on some morning show on CBS. Weird thing: it was about weight loss sites, which BFD most strikingly is not. Still, it’s pretty cool! Also, the site was also featured in this month’s Women’s Health and Bust (in an awesome article written by my online diary crush Wendy McClure).

*Hey, continuity: MC Wendy is coming to Green Bay this January for our little annual shindig and bringing her man Chip (whose name is not Chip, this is just the name I’ve decided he should have). See, the hottest people come out to play at the Minicon. So what’s your excuse again?

*I know, I know, the holidays, blah blah blah. You know how much you hate January. Give yourself something to look forward to! Pineapple Fluff! Gorgeous people! Laughter! Sleigh rides! Peppermint schnapps! You know you are going to be kicking yourself if you miss this.

*Today when I walked out the door for work, my nose told me that it was insanely cold outside. I guessed around 4 degrees, and the car informed that I was close: it was 5. I do not approve of the fact that I am apparently gaining wisdom about how disgustingly cold it is outside. At least it was my nose telling me this and not my gout or something.

*My sister is now officially dating my friend Eric. They were just “hanging out” before but now she’s calling him “my boyfriend” which apparently means something else. You know what it means? It means that I can no longer enjoy taking huffs off of his good smellingness, that’s what it means. But it also now means that I have stacked the social engagements with Steve’s band of geeks and their wives and now will have someone to talk to who isn’t Eric, Scott or Jason. For the first time since Mo left, I’m not dreading the upcoming Christmas dealy at Joel’s.

*This morning, I was sitting in an unbelievable line at Starbucks (see previous bullet point) and called some coworkers to see if they wanted me to bring them anything (I’m trying to be a better person). They did, so I ended up with a bunch of hot, tasty bevs and then realized that I had just fucked myself because it was super cold and I was now going to have to walk in from a very distant parking spot due to my lateness. However, when I pulled around the back, right by the door, there was a beautiful open spot in Rock Star Row up against the building. Maybe 100 steps total to my desk. Karma is not bullshit, people. Screw Santa, the mofo universe is watching.

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