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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Smug materialistic stereotype, party of one

It is cold here. Ever so cold. I know that this idea of cold is one that everyone is familiar with, but this morning, I was talking with one of my dotted line reports (this is apparently what they do in the grey nubby walls of cubicle farms, when you regularly say that you don’t […]

Guest Post by Golf Widow

Hey, you know an easy way to increase your website’s hit count without even lifting a finger? Ok, one finger, the one driving your mouse. Seriously, give Golf Widow two bucks and she’ll just volunteer to write you a guest entry. by Golf Widow Weetabix is kind of like Curly Howard of the Three Stooges. […]

here comes the bride, big fat and wide

Katherine Heigl, who is unabashedly gorgeous, admits that she was hating on her weight when getting ready to walk down the aisle. Katherine blames the dress and while granted, white is not exactly the most slimming of colors, what is it about an upcoming wedding that turns on our internal inferiority complex? Logistically, isn’t this […]

Totally for Laura

Laura, this entry is wholly and entirely (and hopelessly) devoted to you. Just so you know. That’s not me being passive aggressive or anything, just stating a fact. And any opportunity to work in an ONJ reference is not to be missed. So, there were a lot of people here last weekend, and it was […]

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