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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Turn and turn again towards this time

An unofficial unemployment rite of passage has just happened: I woke up this morning and didn’t freak out that I had overslept and was going to be late for work. What’s more, I wasn’t entirely sure what day it is, because every day is Saturday, only with better prime time television options. Work continues on […]

Whatever Jincy wants, Jincy gets

I spoke too soon about Jincy being healthy enough for her spaying. I’m now so paranoid about her that I had them run a full CBC blood panel before putting her under anesthesia and apparently her liver numbers are twice what they should be. Now, this could be because she’s a growing little beastie (up […]

fashion for the hopeless

With the demise of Elastic Waist (and by the way, the URL is now dead, so you can’t even peruse its archive for old posts if you wanted to, and no, apparently I can’t repost them here either, even though I have them and I, you know, WROTE them. Yeah. I know. That’s why they […]

the little potter that could

Work continues on my massive To Do list, with more things added whenever I stop to think about it. I’ve had two days where I’ve done nothing of consequence, and several days, like yesterday, where I did things that weren’t on the list. Part of me is irritated by that fact, that either I didn’t […]

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