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Monthly Archives: April 2009

You can take the girl out of the Fatosphere, but you can’t take the Fatosphere out of the girl

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been taking a pottery class. In fact, I finished a session and have actual pottery to show for it. I’d show you a photo, but in reality, it looks exactly like what your kindergarten kids bring you home for Mother’s Day. There are some misshapen bowls, an interesting vase, and […]

The plus-size fashion soap box (and more lavish praise for Igigi’s spring line)

Oh my lovelies, the day is here, the day is here! Remember on my last impromptu trip to SF, I got a sneak peak at Igigi’s spring line? Well, those designs are now available for purchase on Igigi’s site and I can now share the pictures that I snagged. Here you can see the prototype […]

Much ado about To Do Lists

Oy vey, the To Do list is threatening my existence. I’m so behind, mostly because I’ve spent the last two weeks sitting on said behind, babysitting the puppy. However, the realization that I’ve been remis in her crate training has come with a little extra time for me to do non-puppy activities, so hopefully I’ll […]

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