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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Cold is a relative term

  I have been so stressed that I could weep. I have been researching a term paper on Jane Austen for the last three months and over the weekend, I banged it out — over 10,000 words because apparently I don’t know how to rein it in at all. The worst part is that I […]

Bix’s in-depth look at the fashion in “White Christmas”

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m a complete sucker for the movie White Christmas. It basically has all of my favorite things — classy dames, flamboyant performers, a hotel and when times get tough, they put on a show. This should be the answer to all of life’s connundrums, quite frankly. Need to […]

It matters what we name things

Back in the 90’s, I worked in a department that contained 40 women and 0 men. Most of those women had worked in that company, in that very same job, for over 20 years — I was the youngest in the department and the next youngest was 10 years older than me (and not super […]

The problem with looking too closely

My entire weekend was spent neatly divided into four segments, in order of time spent: Working on my Jane Austen term paper, car shopping, sleeping, charity work. This is the last full week of classes so things are coming to a head in my semester — basically, everything is due, my students are freaking the […]


  Las Vegas is a city obsessed with VIP status. Many people walk around with the sense that they are a VIP, even when they are just normal people. This is so weird in comparison to Wisconsin, where you are reinforced from babyhood to be cautious of other people’s feelings, make sure that you aren’t […]

Drive it like it’s stolen

Fridays are always light days at school. The biggest “work” stress in my life right now is the problem of finding a place to park on campus, but since there aren’t a lot of classes scheduled for Friday, the parking ramp that I use does not fill up, so I’m usually not in a super […]

Baby Driver

My car is toast. An 8000 lb paper weight. Well, no, it’s still plugging along, trying its little heart to please me. I always thought of it as a scrappy little dog, wagging its tail, ready to go on the next adventure, barrel through the next plow berm, load up the boot with the next […]

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