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Category Archives: Being a Girl Is Hard

Tales from the Battlefield of Beauty

I didn’t die. So much. So much. And I wrote an outline, but I left it somewhere, so now must traverse onward. I should probably wait to post this until I have pictures, but I won’t. Because I love you all too much to keep it from you. Yes, you. Love you more than all […]

Faster Pussycat kill kill

Busy, busy, busy. Things have been busy. And stressful. They’ve actually progressed so far into the land of stressful that I’ve stopped being stressed and just sit back and go “whoa, that shit’s messed up right there. I mean, seriously, would you look at that?” Sometimes, you just have to laugh. You can either do […]

Is that a piece of wood in your pants or are you just glad to see me?

So Thursday. I had to work late and I was going to meet a bunch of people at the local Sports Bar #113, where they would be having Karaoke. Esteban eschews karaoke, feeling embarrassed for the people who sing poorly, but he decided to meet me for dinner at #113 before the Karaoke commenced, being […]


Boys, boys, boys. The question has come up: if you could sleep with anyone without guilt or repercussions, who would it be. The girls and I have limited it to famous people so that it wouldn’t be weird, but this brings up an interesting question. Who would you sleep with? Who trips your trigger? It […]

Chick Flicks

Chick flicks–The Scourge of the Entertainment Industry!!! Having said that, I must admit that I enjoyed “Message in a Bottle” very much. I think, however, that the Robin Wright character was a big asshole and she deserved to have her heart broken, and maybe even her neck so that she would stop the weird head-bobbing […]

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