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  Las Vegas is a city obsessed with VIP status. Many people walk around with the sense that they are a VIP, even when they are just normal people. This is so weird in comparison to Wisconsin, where you are reinforced from babyhood to be cautious of other people’s feelings, make sure that you aren’t […]

Say yes to no

I have resting bitch face. I’ve been told this. I have come to accept it. Believe it or not, I thought this was a friendly smile, but instead I look like I want to smash. I’m trying to reclaim this face and use it to focus on my new zen mantra — the power of […]

Still waters

Every New Year’s Eve, I used to have a tradition: wrap up the last year and look at how far we’ve come. About half a dozen years ago, this turned into the Year End Video. I planned that thing months in advance, coaxing my friends to provide B-roll. It was even an inside joke whether […]

Lost and found

Yesterday Esteban and I embarked upon our separate but equal trips to Las Vegas for a very neat adventure: the very same IT conference. It’s not often that our jobs have  the same venues but things melded this time (there was only one other time so far:last year’s VMworld). We work for two different companies: […]

A little drafty

Something important happened last night. I finished the first draft of my novel. Well, perhaps we shall say “finished” in that I got to the end and wrote the final scene, all as part of the NaNoWriMo push. Long time readers may remember (and let’s face it, all this blog ever attracts are long time […]

Segue Seque Sputnik

The big holiday bash that I mentioned in a previous post involves a White Elephant/Dirty Santa gift exchange. Unfortunately, some of these attendees decide to save up all of their passive-aggressive lashing out and bring the seriously worst possible crap imaginable. The rule used to be to bring something that might be some use to […]

Weetabucks: how I got control of my finances

I’ve just read a post from yet another blogger who is bemoaning money woes and it has officially made my head explode. I’m going to get preachy right now. You have been warned. Look, I know that money is complicated. I know that it’s an emotion-laden subject and a lot of people deal with money […]

EZ Listening

I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I’ve finally gotten over the pneumonia. It took two months, three courses of antibiotics, three doctor’s visits, a trip to the urgent care clinic on a Friday night (which is SO damned fun, you have no idea), a breathing treatment, some Prednisone, and more codeine than you […]

It’s not a democracy, it’s a Weetocracy

Gosh, I’ve never been controversial in my life. This is so very strange. Well, wait, that’s not entirely true. There was the Wal-mart thing. And when I stood up for Uncle Bob‘s right to ask questions about gay sex. But I don’t think it’s ever been implied that I am un-American. And I live twenty […]

Anyone seen my support hose? Mmmmhmmm?

I think I scared Kim V. today. We were discussing people we don’t like and who now don’t like me. So Kim then mentions that I shouldn’t be too upset because I’ve been fighting with these two women for the last two years. Um. Excuse me? And that’s when I lost control. That’s when I […]

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