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Cold is a relative term

  I have been so stressed that I could weep. I have been researching a term paper on Jane Austen for the last three months and over the weekend, I banged it out — over 10,000 words because apparently I don’t know how to rein it in at all. The worst part is that I […]

Like Supergirl, only not as cool

This weekend, Esteban and I did a lot of nauseating couple-y things like going out for dinner (actually, I just drank Cape Cods and kept him company. I’m having one of those weird Not Hungry phases, which is pissing me off because eating is fun). On Saturday, we both slept in, because it was raining […]

There was a bunch of text, but Diaryland ate it

A very short video entry

Hey, I made a cameo on Elastic Waist’s new show! What you don’t know is that we taped that this morning at about 6:50 am my time, as I was sitting in my car in the parking lot of Starbucks, trying desperately to be chipper after pounding a Venti mocha and listening to Britney’s “Gimme […]

Traditional pre-trip mental instability

I find that I have very little patience right now. I was staring at someone as they talked at to me at work and wanted to say “Really? Do you really think I or anyone at all cares about what your mom bought your grandchild at TJ Fucking Maxx?” But perhaps I am too harsh. […]

3tacon recap

I was going to write an entry full of links, but you know what? It just never really does it justice. I could write and write and write and you still won’t capture all the laughter and all of the hugs and all of the stupidity and wacky hijinx (Left Siiiide represent!) You still will […]

Pictorial mid-weekend report

The Minicon is in full swing, but through the magic of Prednisone, I am up nary four hours after going to bed last night. Suffice to say, each year the minicon gets more and more, in the words of Barney Stinson legend, wait for it, dairy. I have a million seconds of video footage and […]


So, as of the last entry, I had pneumonia, a ton of Minicon stuff to comprehend and a cazy amount of science fiction to read. Since then, I had double the amount of science fiction to read (Our professor needed to change the schedule around so we had two Philip K. Dick books in one […]


Man, I was getting so good at updating every day and then whammo, it’s February and nothing. No love. I do love you, though. I do. Really. It’s not you, baby, it’s me. Before they left for Maui, June was so cute, demanding (but demanding in a firm yet sweet June way) that I come […]

Really I’d better scurry, well maybe just a half a drink more

I’m going to talk about The OC, so if you don’t care (or don’t want to be spoiled, Australians et al.), skip to the line break. I really had a lot of hope for the show after they killed off Marissa. I sort of hated Marissa and now realize that her soulless character just was […]

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