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Bad Bar Two: The Baddening

I had forgotten how bad the Bad Bar used to be. Sure, it was still bad, even after the new owners took over, even after Hot Jason and Hot Nancy evacuated the premises, maybe even after they took down all the boobie stickers. Perhaps the Badness had soaked into the bricks of the Magical Wall […]

Some Meta stuff

Esteban was aghast when I mentioned that I had written about our neighbor’s racist comments, and asked if I had also mentioned that he snowblows the sidewalk for the entire block. Basically, Esteban just wants you to know that the neighbor is a very nice racist. He probably only cleans off our walks because we’re […]

Back to business

When Esteban asked me what I wanted to do all weekend, I replied “Get my life back in order.” Which sounds really new agey and inspirational, but honestly, between the holidays and the sickness and then the trip, I have felt as though I was in some kind of weird holding pattern. Also, the Christmas […]


I used to have a crazy old teacher in high school, with iron bosoms that hung to her waist and blondish white hair and eye bags that could have doubled as parachutes should she have needed to make a hasty escape from the third floor. Some people hated her, but I loved her, even though […]

In a New York minute

In another lifetime, I might be calling myself a New Yorker right this minute. At 18, the plan was to get through college and move to NYC and work for a magazine or something in publishing. Something. Anything. I loved New York and it was, I had decided, where I belonged. And then I met […]

In sickness and in health… whatever, fucker.

When last I wrote a real entry (which is just to say that the video editing involves a lot of finessing for a very brief money shot), I mentioned that Esteban was sick and I was terrified of catching it. In retrospect, I’m thankful I had started editing that video a few days early and […]

Old Year’s Revolutions 2006

Every New Year’s Eve, I get a little nostalgic for the year past. I used to write little summaries, but last year, I decided that no matter how much energy I devote to choosing the right words, I can never quite encapsulate it just right. So instead, like the child of the MTV generation that […]


Esteban is officially sick and has spent the last two nights in a codeine haze on the sofa, as he’s coughing so hard that he figured at least one of us should get some sleep and that way at least he can watch television in between naps. He accuses me of being glad that he’s […]

That Meme thing that’s going around

I don’t do memes but it’s Holidailies and I just can’t stand being below that damned line, so here are my answers to Sundry’s annual end of the year thingy. 1.What did you do in 2006 that you’d never done before?I did a lot of business travel this year. Probably the most of my life. […]

Crystal Shanda Lear

Well, now that that’s all done, I am so ready to start kicking some ass on projects. Last night, while I was working on some writing, Esteban came in and plopped down on the leather recliner in my office, which is his version of Tilly’s plaintive mews and prodding with a fur paw. Both need […]

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