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Sweater girl

  I have a uniform. Basically if I’m at home or don’t have to teach, my preferred outfit is exactly this: Black yoga pants, Brooks running shoes, long-sleeve v-neck t-shirt and a cardigan sweater. It’s what I’m wearing in the above picture. It’s what I’m wearing as I’m typing this right now. As long as […]

Bix’s in-depth look at the fashion in “White Christmas”

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m a complete sucker for the movie White Christmas. It basically has all of my favorite things — classy dames, flamboyant performers, a hotel and when times get tough, they put on a show. This should be the answer to all of life’s connundrums, quite frankly. Need to […]

The IGIGI Neve wrap and Nencia cocktail dresses — And a free giveaway!

  So, you voted on which dress I should wear to Weetacon 2014 and IGIGI listened — boy, did IGIGI listen! They sent two dresses! Oh my lord. Two dresses! Happiest girl ever! Full disclosure: IGIGI sent me two dresses in exchange for writing this honest review. It is, in essence, a sponsored post, but […]

Help me pick out my IGIGI outfit for Weetacon 2014!

As you might know, I throw a little shindig every year called Weetacon. Weetacon 2014 will in fact, be the tenth year we’ve been doing this. I never in my wildest dreams thought that we’d manage to attract people to the wilds of Green Bay in March every year, but it seems to sell out […]

Wendy Bix reviews the IGIGI Tatiana dress (and a giveaway!)

  This past Weetacon, we were given another chance to try out some IGIGI fashions. We had a little fashion show and there was much squealing and delight… and that was just in my living room when Suzanna and I were unwrapping all the dresses before the weekend. Seriously, though, the IGIGI fashion event is […]

Love the body you have right now

When I was a little girl, my mother and my great-grandmother were at odds when it came to my clothing. My mother felt that I should cover my nakedness, the end. Shopping with her was miserable: she would be irritated from the moment we passed rack after rack of adorable little girl clothes and headed […]

IGIGI rocks my world x3

As you know, IGIGI is totes my favorite of all plus size fashion lines. I’ve been to the headquarters. I’ve run through racks upon racks of garments like some RomCom fashion montage. I’ve been styled personally by Yuliya. I’m not bragging: I just want you to understand that I am an unabashed IGIGI devotee, hands […]

Changing the world, one dress at a time

This past weekend was Weetacon, the annual gathering of the best people on the planet and predictably, it was the most amazing time. The word “magical” was used by more than one person, and I am probably biased, but yes, it was magical. One of the coolest things that I get to do as the […]

More love for Igigi and also, dresses

I don’t wear dresses enough. Oh, I wear dresses, but then I get lazy and can’t find my tights or don’t want to wear fancy shoes or fuck me it’s cold outside or I feel cranky or crappy or roly poly or just don’t feel like having a big dry cleaning bill (the last trip? […]

The spring Igigi fashion montage

For a plus size clothes whore like myself, the privilege of being invited to the Igigi headquarters and meeting Yuliya and Ozlem on multiple occasions is a bit like a standard size fashionista being asked into the salon of Prouenza Schouler for a private fitting with the masters. I do not know what I’ve done […]

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