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The final chapter of the quest for the Master’s Degree

Picking this up from last post: The stupid elevator went down to the basement and then, after I said “You’ve got to be fucking KIDDING ME!” under my breath but totally out loud, it stopped to pick up more people on the ground floor, at which point I was ready to punch someone if they […]

This is why I hate being late

Late on Monday night, Esteban noticed that I must have been freaking out much more than usual, because I was being extraordinarily helpful with his packing. Like, I cleaned out my entire car, just on the off-chance that the GPS unit was in there, and made several codependent queries upon the quantities of clean laundry […]

The swirly hair that broke the camel’s back

I am SO lucky that I actually buckled down and made an appointment for my spring personal cleaning, as oh my god, the moratorium on shaving my legs was totally going to end this weekend. It happened when I was applying lotion post-shower. I looked down and instead of a little golden aura of follicular […]

show me how you do that thing

I spend way too much time away from this thing. I know. I KNOW. What I’ve been doing in the interim: finishing my master’s thingy, writing a paper, doing a shitload of work and client meetings at work, watching my employer grind the business into the earth, celebrating Ward’s retirement and Ward and June’s 39th […]

Return of Lady Bigfoot

After a quicky dinner of Swedish meatballs (out of the freezer… love it when I plan ahead) I was stretched out on the couch, as I am wont to do, and Esteban had just proposed a Friday night trip to the Hundred Dollar Store for a new showerhead. We have one of those supposed rainfall […]

Smug materialistic stereotype, party of one

It is cold here. Ever so cold. I know that this idea of cold is one that everyone is familiar with, but this morning, I was talking with one of my dotted line reports (this is apparently what they do in the grey nubby walls of cubicle farms, when you regularly say that you don’t […]

Totally for Laura

Laura, this entry is wholly and entirely (and hopelessly) devoted to you. Just so you know. That’s not me being passive aggressive or anything, just stating a fact. And any opportunity to work in an ONJ reference is not to be missed. So, there were a lot of people here last weekend, and it was […]

A bunch of blathering about mostly nothing

I’ve been experimenting with delegating at work, exercising my dotted line-ness and whatnot. I don’t even know if that makes sense to non-cubicle folks, the dotted line thing? Have my references become so enmeshed in corporate speak that I no longer can communicate outside of banal non-threatening beige walls? Can I no longer talk the […]

Can I clean your windshield for you, miss?

So far this week, I made soup, got sick and also, had a crazy meeting, and have threatened to go into hiding, perhaps in the Yukon. Which I’m not sure if I know where that is but it sounds really good. Alaska, right? I hope so. I finished my story for class and also, can’t […]

Why my life is stressed, volume 4032

I’m supposed to be working on a short story but realized that already it is December 2 and already I am behind on Holidailies. There is shame. Shame and also a very delicious bit of cake on the desk beside me as I work. The cake wins. This should be no surprise. Cake always wins […]

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